It’s Best to RSVP-Another Destination? Joyful! event-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for stopping by. TGIF! And because it’s Friday, it’s time to put the reminder out for our next event, but, I have some new news to give you so grab your coffee and come on in!

It’s amazing to think a year has already gone by, and with the passing of time, and previous workshops, we are learning as we go and grow. So, to be more organized in order to serve everyone better and keep the ticket price down, we are encouraging everyone to RSVP and/or prepay for their tickets by July 20th and they will receive the anniversary price. If tickets are purchased at the door without a reservation, the price will increase to $10.  Again, that’s so we can be prepared to serve you even better.

We already have some great stuff in the works for this event. Join us as we learn how to squeeze those minutes out of the day, and then refresh our minds on how to love the unlovable. 🙂 It’s easy to love those we know like us, right? But loving the ones who aren’t so easy to love, hmm, that’s a bit tougher, that is until you have “The Top 10 Ways to Love the Unlovable”!

Here’s the scoop . . .

Have a great weekend and make some memories that make your heart smile!

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