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Wednesday’s Word!

Thanks for joining us today for Wednesday’s Word … from my very own son whom I am just discovering has a passion to write from his heart to yours! I pray you enjoy his words …

Who do we think that we are?!  I read the Bible, bold instructions before leaving earth, and I see nothing but stories of people that defied all their natural five senses and stepped out in faith, believing in God, and accomplished AMAAAAAZING things for His glory.  So why do I think that when God calls me to act that I need to be in charge and figure out the most sensible way to do what He called me to do?

Now, now, don’t get me wrong; I am human after all and my first instinct when God speaks to my heart to act is always, “Well, how is that going to work?!  Okay. Well I need to plan this way and that way with these things and those people and blah blah blah.”

Look, again when I read His word, I always see God say “Go” and that person goes.  That is why God tells us to “pray without ceasing” because God wants to give us the wisdom that we need not to make smart calculated decisions, but to hear His voice.  He calls us sheep, ya know!  Do you know how dumb sheep are?  The only hope that they have of staying alive and making “right decisions” is solely based on them following their shepherd’s voice.  If they are left to their own vices and their own “wisdom,” they go astray and are eaten by wolves or stolen by thieves or fall in a ditch and can’t get out and and on and on and on.  You get the picture 🙂

The Bible says that God’s wisdom is more valuable than gold and more precious than silver because it brings freedom and life to our spirit and mind.  I am tempted to try and help God but God only wants me to be obedient because honestly I have no idea what is good for me.

It seems extreme to follow God these days, I mean to truly follow God.  There is too much natural mixed with what God wants to do supernaturally these days.  There is a saying that goes, “you’re too spiritually minded to be any earthly good,” and I know what they mean when they say that but honestly, our example is Jesus!  And how spiritually minded was Jesus?!!!  The Bible says that Jesus didn’t even move unless His Father told Him to move.  He didn’t care about celebrities or their “reality” shows, or who was considered important in those days; no, He cared to death about yours and my eternity and He trusted His Father all the way to being obedient to death on a cross.  To me, that is pretty spiritually minded.  God please help me to get this and to be sensitive to Your leading and to pause until I hear Your precious voice guide me further.

Blessings to you today and tomorrow and tomorrow after that …
Jeff's Java
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2 Responses to “Jeff’s Java Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Well Jeff, you did it again! Very nice. Yep, we always want to help God fulfill what He has put us to do. It never works they way we plan. So much better and easier to follow our Leader and trust His path for us because He will clear the stones, and fill the holes, getting rid of all the evil things waiting to nip us and stop our progress. Working thru my own stuff right now, so this was a refreshing reminder of “It is not me to find the way. It is Jesus who takes care of all.” Thank you Lord for taking all these things off and out of my hands and letting YOU carry me & rest in you. 🙂 <3 Nanny

  2. Jeff Burton says:

    Thank you Jan you are so right. I like what you said, “… he will clear the stones and fill the holes and get rid of the evil that has devised plans to make us stumble”. The only one bigger than that fallen angel is Jesus, not us. We don’t even possess a glimmer of understanding when it comes to all of the spiritual warfare that goes on beyond our sight. Thank God He loves us and has better for us than what we want for our selves haha. :0 Thank you so much for your comment Jan. May God bless you that you may bless others. -Jeff