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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

“Follow me guys. I have the 5 ways to a better life!” “No, no, over here; come with me! I have your 40 days of purpose”! “Hey, pssst! Are you and the wife having a hard time? Well, you are in luck ‘cause I’ve got the 10 steps to a healthy marriage.”

Am I the only one who notices that we are being flooded with all of these self-help/get-to-know-God better, get-to-know-yourself better, get-to-know-each other better books, bumper stickers and advertisements? Yet we are the most spiritually anemic body of Christ that we have ever been. We are grabbing for anything and everything and we are doing it in the dark. There is only one book in this world that has every answer that we could ever need and will ever need and too often I am reading it without asking God to let me smell His breath when I open His word. He has hidden His wisdom in His book and He is the only one who can reveal it to me. And He wants to.

We are the children of the same God who PROMISED us that if we had faith that we could say to that mountain, “Get up and move into the sea.” (Matthew 21:21) The same God who answered Elijah’s call to send down fire from heaven that consumed an alter drenched in water until nothing was left; not the wood, not the 12 stones that he used to build the alter, nor the bull or the water.

God is Holy and shares His glory with no one or nothing. When I think about it, I have so many idols in my life. Realizing that an idol literately means anything that I put before God, I quickly shutter in shame. For example, knowing that I would rather go and see a good movie with my wife and kids than take the time to sit down and teach them about the disciplines, promises, wonder and beauty of God. Oh, family, knowing God, truly knowing God, means always being on the line. It means always putting my flesh back on the cross over and over again and standing alone more often than not in that big bad world because they will absolutely hate me… and they are supposed to.

God told me (in His word, LOL!) that “friendship with the world means ENMITY against God.” Oh Lord, help me with hearing YOUR still whisper above all of the noise, beyond all the bumper stickers enticing me for quick fixes, all the advertisements for self-help. All I really need is You!


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One Response to “Jeff’s Java Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Oh Jeff, you are getting better and better with your blogs! This one is truly amazing and thought provoking. Yep, all around us are those who try to tickle our ears with their words, and all we NEED is HIS WORD. Love you my son in Christ! Nanny XXOO