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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Good morning! Happy New Year! 2016, can you believe it? Remember the hoopla over the year 2000? What will this year bring, I wonder? Join me for a few minutes of quiet on the first Monday of the year.

If you’re like most people, resolutions are on your mind this time of year. I read an article at to find it’s estimated about 40% of us make New Year’s resolutions. Out of those only 8% of those same people realize their lofty goals. Wow! I bet many of us can relate to those few!

I decided a few years ago that I was not going to make a list of resolutions because I realized I didn’t often achieve them. It’s not to say I don’t have goals for my life; I certainly do. I prefer to take inventory of my life, thoughts, actions, and desires often throughout the year. Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned this past year is to be more content in the process.

The other day I pulled out a long-sleeved shirt for my daughter since it has gotten cold. She put one on, and I immediately noticed it was too small. Now when did that happen? 🙂 Change and growth happens slowly most of the time. It’s like that in our lives as well. We suddenly notice that a situation that usually brought anxiety is not triggering that as quickly, or patience showed up more easily than the last time.

Children grow before our eyes, yet we don’t see it daily. It’s like that with our own growth, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. If we identify the areas we need growth in, and are committed to that process as a lifestyle, growth happens. I don’t believe it happens by making a grandiose list at the start of each New Year. Somehow, that trips us up; the statistics show that!

Most of us know deep down what it is that keeps us from living the life we want. It’s easy to ignore that need or issue and try to fill it in other ways. It’s easy to eat instead, to drink, to rage, become too invested in others or blame others. I’d like to challenge you this year. If you make any resolve at all, to take an honest look at what it is that inhibits you from moving forward in life. Give it to God, and an accountability partner. Pray like crazy. This is where true change begins and I speak from experience. Another good place to start would be the Transform Classes offered by Evinda and Trench Classes United! They are truly life transforming.

Happy and blessed New Year! Until next week,


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