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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Good morning! I know I say this often, but how is it that we are entering a new month already? I love the month of May. We’re on the cusp of summer! Time is flying by, isn’t it? This leads me to the reflections I’ve had this past week. Thank you for joining me.
Isn’t it interesting how buried memories come flooding back? This past week I’ve had that happen with the death of the music artist Prince. I was a fan of his in high school and I remember the first time I heard his music; it was while on a band tour when I was a freshman.

The other day, upon learning of his death, I was immediately reminded of the songs I used to like, so I listened to a few of them. For a few minutes, all I could think of was my days in high school, the boyfriend I had at the time, and all the crazy things we did as teenagers. It’s amazing how powerful music is. It has the ability to bring old, buried memories to the surface of our hearts and minds and it almost feels like yesterday.

When you think of how Prince died, even if you weren’t a fan, his sudden death is tragically sad. It has me thinking, again, how unexpectedly life can change. Social media has exploded with his music, his photos, and memories. I wonder if he knew how loved he was? It makes me wonder, do we tell those we love how much they mean to us enough?

I heard one of his best friend’s interviews. This man broke the silence about what a giving person Prince was. Apparently, he did much good for others, giving money and doing kind deeds…all quietly. His closest friends were sworn to secrecy regarding this. The friend said, “Yes, we love him for his music, but he was so much more than that and I want people to know.” I was struck by how beautiful that comment was. What legacy will you and I leave behind?

Prince had talent; there is no doubt. He used it to entertain millions. Not everyone gets that chance, obviously. However, we’re all given something unique to share with others. Our sphere of influence may be on a much smaller scale, but nonetheless, we have a sphere to affect. Is it important to think about the effect we have on those around us? Is the impression positive or negative?

Life on this earth is short. How easily we forget this, until in an instant, we’re reminded. Let’s make our lives and our days count.

Until next week, be blessed.



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