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Good morning! Thanks for joining me and reading my thoughts. I hope your few minutes here, with a cup of your favorite drink, is relaxing and inspirational!

Last week we celebrated our country’s freedom. It’s easy to get caught up in enjoying a long weekend without taking time to think what it means to live where we do. I admit that I take it for granted sometimes. Our country was built on the idea of God’s freedom and grace for all people.

Freedom: ‘The state of being free”. Free:”Enjoying personal liberty.” Liberty: “Freedom from bondage, captivity, restraint.”

When you look at those words, how does it make you feel? What do you think about when you think of being free? Being free from bondage is what jumps out at me. That word actually makes my stomach tighten. I looked that word up too, and the definition of bondage is “involuntary servitude.”

Much of my recent journey involves changing my thought patterns, and challenging the ways I’ve believed much of my life. In last week’s blog, I shared that I’ve listened to ‘unsafe’ people’s opinions for far too long. What we tell our minds is a form of bondage, if you honestly think about it. We can keep ourselves locked in toxic relationships, unhealthy eating patterns, or ways of dealing with stress…all by what we say to ourselves. Sometimes, merely being a Christian gives us more ammunition to beat up on self through not meeting expectations of others in the church or worse yet, what we believe God thinks of us.

Romans 8:1-2 states, “Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Him the law of the Spirit of life set me FREE from the law of sin” Read that again…NO Condemnation. If He is not condemning me, why am I? And furthermore, why do I condemn others?

True freedom comes from realizing the Grace that God gives us…allowing that to seep into our very souls. Once we have that, we can give that grace back to those around us. I truly believe God is waiting for His children to show this to the world…and it starts in our own minds.

Until next week, be blessed,



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