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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

A happy Monday to you! Once again, a weekend has come and gone and we find ourselves into a new week. Did you all have a good weekend? How many of you were out shopping for Christmas? Has the mad rush hit you yet? It hasn’t quite gotten me, which means I’ll be on the crazy train for the last few days before the actual holiday! This time of year can bring chaos to our lives. I am really glad you are taking some time to sip on your coffee and read some of my thoughts.

Do you ever stop to listen to lyrics of songs? I know some people love the music itself, but it’s the words that speak to me. I do enjoy Christmas music though I am pretty certain it starts playing earlier every year! The other day, at work, these words hit me…”It’s the happiest time of the year” and “Let your heart be light, next year all our troubles will be far away.”

I don’t know about you, but my troubles don’t seem to go away just because the happiest time of year is here…which then led me to think about those I know who feel this is anything but the happiest time of year. For many, the holidays bring reminders of broken families, friends or loved ones lost to death, feelings of loneliness and unmet expectations

Yet,  this holiday is touted as one where everyone is living it up surrounded by family, friends, food and gifts. Excitement is in the air…parties are planned, music wafts in the air, more sweets than any human should consume fill our tables…not to mention the beautiful twinkling lights everywhere.

I remember as a kid, I felt so sad and let down when all the excitement was over. I used to wish it could be like that forever. There is still a part of me that wishes those feelings could last throughout the year…especially when the January blues arrive. I am pretty sure I’ve searched for that feeling of happiness and excitement my whole life which just may be why people love this holiday so much…for the hope that maybe, just maybe, this year all troubles will be far away.

This season is to be a reminder of Who came to this earth as a lowly baby, One who would grow up and sacrifice His life. A sacrifice that will bring to us the happiness we long for…even in the midst of our troubles. It is through Him that we can find true joy. In John 10:10 the Bible tells us that Jesus Himself said “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” Life to the full! Doesn’t that sound fabulous? He means for us to have a full life right now…right here!

He also tells us that ‘In this world you will have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world’ John 16:33. The beautiful thing that God is teaching me through the troubles I face is that He is right there in the midst of them with me.

Whatever feelings this season invokes in you, I pray you will find time to sit quietly with the One who came to this earth for you, to meditate on His gift…and find your hope in Him whose heart beats for you!

Be blessed. Until next week,

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