Jenn’s Journey-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

It’s already Monday … again?! Welcome to Coffee Hour and Jenn’s Journey! I love sharing my thoughts with you and I pray that they inspire you in your journey. I actually found these thoughts that I had written  almost three years ago, and I’m so glad I wrote them down, because there are times when I don’t feel like I’m making any progress in this thing called life! Grab your coffee and come on in.

Lessons can be learned in the strangest places. Today I tackled a project I have put off for a very long time. I know why I have put it off; it’s because it represents to me a whole pile of broken promises. I have not wanted to face it. But today, I faced it. And with it came thoughts and the inspiration to write them down.

The project lies behind my garage in a former dog pen. Piles of branches, weeds, leaves and dirt lay on top of a dry dog — well, you get the picture. For two hours I weeded, cut up branches, piled up dry palm leaves and filled two trash cans. More piles wait for when the garbage cans are emptied. This project is far from over!

I realized how much these piles represent how my soul has felt for the past three years … a mess of tangled thoughts, hurt, anger, and sadness. Often, I have not wanted raketo face that fact either. It’s easier to put it aside, try to forget it’s there or let it stress me. How much better is it to just get to work on the ‘piles’ of stuff? How does one work on those things in the soul that pile up, stress and depress? I think it is by facing it and getting to work on it. For me, that includes letting God get into my heart to help me let go so He can get rid of the junk. He does that by sending loved ones, friends, counselors, a story….something or someone who will help us face whatever it is we need to get rid of.

As I raked up some leaves, I found a snake curled up. Freaked me out!!! It reminded me of the devil, who once appeared as a snake, and how easily he can hide and sneak in when you least expect it. I can think I am making progress and then bam! The sneaky old devil hides under a pile of leftover anger, resentment, and hatred. All of those negative things come from him. So I hastily picked it up, and threw it out. Exactly how I will deal with the devil…throw him out of my life.

Admittedly, when I looked at the pile that still exists behind the garage, I started to feel overwhelmed, and how similar that is to my healing process. Sometimes it feels like the piles just get pushed around and moved to a different spot. But that’s ok because that pile is going to slowly diminish and one day, be gone! It’s a work in progress, just like me!

So if you ever feel that way, remember, He who began a new/good work will be faithful to complete it … when? Not until we see Him face to face! [Phil. 1:6]

Have a great week,


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5 Responses to “Jenn’s Journey-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Debbie Croley says:

    Great word Jenn and such a powerful statement…We certainly are “a work in progress”…. Makes us realize too not to give up when we think the piles to high!!! Thank you for sharing your heart !! <3 Deb

  2. Jenn says:

    I am having one of those days where the piles seem it really helped me to read this again 🙂

  3. Tepeki kiišθwa says:

    That area behind your garage. We all have one somewhere. Loving yourself enough to take on those piles and heaps of buildup then that is when your lovign yourself enough to unpack the excess baggage. There are times to relax and rejuvenate, and then their are times one needs to get to it! Many don’t tackle that at all for very long before they lose interest in it and the piles build up yet again and again. Sometimes people come along in life, & identify those piles and struggles and they roll their sleeves up and jump into the mix of it with you. Why? Because they love you, they have had the same piles & heaps of things building up. Nothing better than being around or with people who groove to your rhythm. I often wish I had someone to help me with some of the thigns that buildup on me. My soul is a brier patch full of piles. I learned that sometimes those piles can be used as moments of strength. You can stand atop them and catch a glimpse of direction in life & love. How can we summit mountains if we can’t summit a pile. Keep at it, your doing great. Alright coffee is gone. I am out.

  4. Jenn says:

    Thanks ladies..

    Tepeki, isn’t it great when we do have those who jump in with us? Those are the kinds of friends and loved ones we have to keep when we find them!!

  5. Jan Bachelor says:

    You painted a very clear picture of life in general. All of us have things that we avoid at all costs. I am one who hangs on to nostalgic things for decades. I have a hard time letting go of the “great” things that brought me happy, loving memories of persons and moments in my world. There is something to be said about that “saving” that reminds me of a hoarder. Yes, a hoarder who needs to realize that the memories are in me and not in the things. Gotta get to that before I have no room for “new” great memories, huh?