Journal Entry from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for stopping by for a little break today at Coffee Hour. I hope you enjoy our time together. I’ve planned something a bit up close and personal, a journal entry, if you will, accompanied by some photos of memories captured. Grab your coffee and come on in.

I realize it’s been almost two weeks since Easter, yet the moments experienced that day are still lingering, the truth of the miracles within our family waiting to be shared.

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a family – to be part of a family. It’s a God-given desire that has burned inside of me ever since being divinely rescued from my earthly family almost forty years ago. When I married George, and his two children – his son was 18 and his daughter 15 – I felt as though I had finally landed in a little slice of heaven. I couldn’t wait to be part of a family.

Within months, that joy came to a screeching halt – I can still hear the sounds of skids, glass shattering, tears of frustration leaking everywhere — and I was shaking my fist at God, accusing Him of making a mistake. But God in His sovereign grace reminded me that this was no accident; that He had ordained this marriage and that He would grant me the desire of my heart: to be part of a loving family and not just feel like I belong, but know that I do! Ah, the Hebrew definition of “know” comes to mind and He whispers that I will experience/know that sense of belonging.”

Well, it’s almost nine years later, and though we are not quite there, we are closer than we’ve been to that desire of mine.

our 3 favorite little people!

our 3 favorite little people!

I wouldn’t trade the lessons I’ve learned along the way for anything this side of heaven for they have all strengthened my ability to love, my faith, and my hope that one day, our two blended families will function as one.

Easter was a reminder that that is closer to happening than ever. We celebrated this special day with Jeff and Lauren, my son and my daughter-in-love, their two kids, our grandkids, as well as Bryce, George’s son, and Jene, his new girlfriend, and of course our grandson Bryden. Our time together was sweet, never stilted or uncomfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone interact with each other, especially Jeff and Bryce.

Jeff serenades us during the egg hunt!

Jeff serenades us during the egg hunt!

As I rewind the day, I can’t help but smile inside because anyone watching us interact over our “drunch,” dinner/lunch, I don’t think would have known that we were two families learning to become one. There was plenty of conversation, plenty of laughter, and of course, Bryden was the center of attention with Ty-Ty by his side, and Dillan cheering them on.

We did an Easter egg hunt, made so special by the joy on Dillan, Ty-Ty and Bryden’s faces, and watching our kids parent their kids . . . Oh, what a feeling! I loved having the kids look for their Easter baskets and as I share that with you, the scripture “He will restore all that the locusts have stolen” fills the depths of my soul with truth and peace that passes all understanding! Never in a million years would I have imagined that taking place like this!

Bryce/Bryden; Father/son

Bryce/Bryden; Father/son

But what happened after all of that is what I will forever hold in my heart as my favorite memory: Jeff and Lauren suggested we do communion; they not only suggested it, but the led it!

First we did a couple of worship songs, and then Jeff read the passage and asked me to pray after and then we did more worship. I don’t know who I was more proud of and excited about: my son leading communion or Bryce’s affirming words afterwards: “That was pretty good.”

Yes, resurrection Sunday proved to be another restoration memory; His death was not in vain.



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