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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for joining me this morning for a journal entry. Grab your coffee and come on in.

I never thought I would enjoy the rainy weather as much as I did this weekend, and even though it didn’t keep us inside as much as I would have liked, it was still a warm, cozy and relaxing weekend all the same.

Friday’s rain inspired me in a unique way saved just for rainy days. I was able to stay put for several hours at one time. It felt so good, especially since I was so overwhelmed as I started to put together “Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power, A Cup of Encouragement for the Day,” which is a book of the top blog series from this past year. I had actually thought it was going to be 125 individual blogs, but as I began receiving the requests from my team and a few other favorite people, He started to show me a different book than what I had envisioned.

So that’s well on its way and definitely on target for our February publication date. In fact, my first official book signing will be at our February event, Resolutions and Relationships, which is going to be on Saturday, February 5th, 2011. It may sound like a long way off, but you and I know, time flies when we’re busy and having fun. And this event is going to be amazing so keep watching your updates for more info. We are now in the process of trying to find a venue to hold the estimated 200 plus guests we are prayerfully expecting!

Saturday morning’s rain kept my husband and I in for a few more hours and I was able to get some more of the book organized and edited and then my hubby and I went to Starbucks before I had to leave for a baby shower.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to drive, because I rode with a friend. It was pouring and suddenly the rain is not my friend as we get stuck in traffic due to several accidents from people/cars hydroplaning out of control and crashing into one another. And there were many others on different freeways experiencing the same thing. A sweet friend from our old church posted about her hydroplaning nightmare and how she missed a huge semi by seconds. Talk about angels watching over us!

Saturday night, my husband and I had a date with a close friend and his new lady friend. Off we went in the pouring rain to the 27th floor of the Morongo Casino to Cielo Restaurant. Great service, pretty good food, an okay ambience and definitely high prices to match their place in the sky! But it was fun to be on a date. I’m telling you, dating should be saved for marriage.

Sunday was bittersweet. See, my husband was supposed to be leaving for a job in Reno and while we were having coffee together, I was beginning to feel like I needed to just say the heck with it and go with him, show him that he is more important than all of my plans. After getting his stuff all packed, and he was literally ready to start loading up the truck, he got a text that told him not to travel; the job was postponed! Yesssssssss. I was so happy.

So we played hooky from church and did some grocery shopping and then came home and hung out for a couple more hours and then down the hill we went, again in a bit of rain, to go see a friend and then say bon voyage to Jeff and Lauren who were getting ready to leave for their honeymoon to Jamaica. After spending sweet precious time with the grandkids, a few laughs and hugs with and for Jeff and Lauren, talking with Pam (MOB) and David, we were getting ready to leave when Lauren looked at us and asked if we could all pray for them, and for her mom.

We jumped at the opportunity to pray with out new family and we all took turns praying, although Dillan was unsure why everyone was praying and told us so as we were praying. I would have driven hours in the rain for those moments and I wouldn’t trade that prayer time for anything. After all, a family that prays together, stays together.

Have an amazing day and tune in with us on Blog Talk Radio, “Kiss Dating Good-Bye,” 1:00 Pacific time for the conclusion of the unhealthy ways of attachment and then we’re going to begin “What’s Personality Got To Do With It?” Just click on the link to the right, “listen to my weekly pod cast,” and you will land at our show. And if you can’t listen until later, no worries! All of our shows are archived so you can download them and listen at your convenience.



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