Journal Entry-Part 1-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by today. I just realized that it’s been a while since I’ve done a journal entry for and with you, so there’s no time like the present, especially considering what I’m experiencing. Grab your coffee and come on in.

George and I finally made it to see my brother and sister-in-law in Seabeck, Washington so I’d like to bring a little bit of it to you. Let me see if I can paint you a picture with words so you can kind of get the feel of where I’m at.

I am surrounded by gigantic trees, some of which are at least a hundred or so feet tall. Trees that have all the green colors that you could possibly imagine frame their back yard, and then in the midst of them on the outer perimeter are two fairly large red maple trees that splash color on the entire yard and yet blend in beautifully, providing a shelter from any type of city noise, not that they are in the city by any means. In fact, George says they live with the yeti and was surprised that we had a cell signal. 🙂

Washington is absolutely beautiful this time of year. My brother jokes that summer is about two days long and though they love their home and the view, dealing with more rain than sunshine can be a challenge.

Sitting on the balcony and drinking in the clean air that also has an amazing scent has cleaned out any traces of our nice Yucaipa air, and I never knew there were so many different scents of pine. I’m thinking pine is an awfully nice smell! The sun is beating gently down and some of our background music is coming from a water fountain made of stones and the pace of the water is just before a chugging sound, the speed of a strong stream that has a good amount of water pouring into it and it is ever so peaceful.

I am savoring the moments. I was going to suggest that you close your eyes and imagine that you are here with me but I wouldn’t want you to miss what happens next. 🙂

We’ve just gotten a couple of visitors. There’s Randy and Roxy, the two squirrels my brother and sister-in-law feed daily in exchange for some lively entertainment.

They’re a kick in the pants to watch and you seriously can’t help but giggle as you watch them stealthily sneak up to the balcony, grab a shelled peanut, tear the shell off with their teeth that work like a mini saw while they hold the peanut with their hands that look amazingly close to hands like yours and mine.

Within seconds, the peanut disappears and is stored in their little cheek and then off they go, back up the balcony to a branch on the big tree, and as the branch is dancing up and down from the echo of their tiny body jumping upon it, they go up the trunk, down another branch and jump, as though they had wings, to the ground.

Now they begin to bury their treasure. You should see them pat it down. It’s hysterical. You can actually get tired watching them because they do this nonstop!

Wait a minute, we have another visitor: OMG, no it is not! Yes, it is. It’s a deer, just walking across the back yard like she owned the place. Let me go and get camera so I can take a picture.

Drats, she’s gone off to the front yard. Have you ever watched a deer walk? Talk about graceful!

Off to my left is a beautiful blue jay and it is hopping its way on over on top of the balcony where there is another stash of peanuts, and has just snuck one. He looks pretty proud of himself, especially since Roxy is right there on the ground looking up at him. Did you know that the blue jay just swallows their food until they feel safe and then they regurgitate it and stash it or eat it, depending on how hungry they are, I guess!

Well, in a couple of months, snow will be covering the lawn, and weighing down the trees, so is it any wonder that these little guys are busy preparing for the season ahead? 🙂

That’s an Interesting concept, preparing for the upcoming season. As I watch these little guys and we are mesmerized by them for the longest time, I can’t help but think how appropriate it is that I am watching this happening with these little creatures in my brother’s back yard, because they actually remind me of my brother, and his wife, too, who are always preparing for the next season in some sort of way, just like the blue jays and the squirrels.

They have a system for everything and they plan nearly everything that takes place in their life. In fact, they have done an amazing job planning their retirement so when it comes, I truly don’t feel that they’ll feel any financial hardship or difference in their lifestyle, which is simple and yet very comfortable.

Anyway, I have a lot of respect for them, truly. As I spend more time with my brother and his wife, which in and of itself is a miracle, I am saddened by the truth that the one thing, the one season they are not preparing for is their eternal season. 🙂

I don’t say that to air my dirty laundry or to criticize my brother. I just happen to look at the spiritual significance in almost all things and though watching these little critters has been heartwarming, the realization brings tears to my eyes, literally. But that is a burden I will share with our Father and I’m realizing that this is the season to pray without ceasing for him.

Please join me tomorrow for the conclusion to this journal entry.






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16 Responses to “Journal Entry-Part 1-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Reading todays blog was really interesting since my brother and his wife were with us for a few wonderful days this weekend. We talked, of course, about Jesus and Biblical things, about family and adversity we all face off and on. But, we all sat there and said how blessed and terrific it is that we all have saved family and how that is the most important thing! You can feed the hungry, shelter the unsheltered, give time and substance to folk, but if they are not “SAVED” it is all worthless because all that is temporary for this place. How absolutely precious it is to plant the seed of Salvation into hearts. Wow, you really called it today. Stuff is not enough and never will be.

  2. Sherrie says:

    We can plant the seeds and then it is only by the power of the Holy spirit will the seeds take root and blossum. Sometimes the only Bible someone will ever see is the life we live as we are filled with His eternal love, mercy and grace 🙂

  3. Opper says:

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  4. admin says:

    Hi Sherrie,
    Thanks for joining the conversation!
    In His Love,

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