Just Do This and Get ALL That? WOW Rewind from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for joining us today for the conclusion to “Just do this for all that”? 🙂

We’ve taken a look at what we were going through this time last year and how the WOW found in 1st Peter 5, verses 6-7 splashed perspective on our situations. Now, one year later, there are different struggles, different areas of life that need to be humbled and brought under His authority so as to be under His mighty hand.

Every struggle, every situation and every circumstance has an equation that looks sort of like this: humble self+under His authority=free from the cares of this world. It’s like this great exchange that takes place once we cross that bridge but we must be willing to humbles ourselves to His authority and He will help us (exalt us) rise above the troubles. 🙂

I think what gets in our way of humility a lot of times is our inability to recognize how controlling we can be, especially in those case-by-case situations, those circumstances that seem so big, too big for the likes of humility. I don’t know about you, but in those situations, before I know it, I’m perched on pride, thinking I’m the one who has to stop the speeding train before it hits someone on the tracks of my life! 🙂 Really? ? ?

Or how about when we are worried about a loved one’s behavior, or safety, and every waking moment, or so it seems, is spent planning how to manage them or the situation, aka, reaction management? I’m coming to realize more and more that trying to control people, circumstances, et cetera is tantamount to trying to stop a speeding train coming down the track, as if I were Superman! Wow, how delusional is that? 🙂 🙂 Besides delusional, when we are trying to control circumstances and/or people, we are NOT humbling ourselves under His mighty hand! 🙂

So back then (January 2011) it was all about being humbled in His plan and by His plan for my life with and through writing, and now, well, it’s still the same principle, just a different circumstance. See, five months ago, He allowed our Son Bryce to come back home to our once-empty nest, and just New Year’s Day, He allowed Bryce’s little 23-month-old son, our grandson to come and live with us. 🙂 🙁 🙂

Honestly, it’s not what I wanted, but these powerful words in last January’s WOW remind me that I must humble myself under His authority and He will exalt me, lift me up out of myself and over this trial as I long to please Him. I know that I know if I just do this, He will do all that!



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