Just Do This and Get All That?-WOW Rewind from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome back to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and thanks for joining me for your break today. Grab your coffee and come on in. We’re taking a look backwards to see how the previous year’s WOWs helped us then and how it can and will help us now.

As I reread last January’s blog for this WOW, I can’t help but remember what I was going through as I struggled through learning how to promote the message without promoting the messenger, and how to stay in the ministry I feel He’s called me to without giving up, and do it all with humility.

Since humility is really dying to self so that more of His character is present and recognizable in us and through us, humility was and continues to be the key in every lesson He wants to teach us. Now when it comes to this whole writing/ministry journey, I really try and relax and just show up. That’s not to say that I’ve arrived, for the acquisition of humility is not a position, but a prize to be treasured and cherished, protected and nurtured. I can say that I am learning to trust Him more when it comes to getting what He writes through me out to where He wants it and to whom He wants it.

I am just the pen; He is the power behind the words. I am but His instrument; He is the music.

That was then, which is still relevant now. What about you? What were you going through at the time of this WOW? What area in your life needed humbling? Did you know or do you now realize that we are never taller spiritually than when we are down on our knees? Oh, and God loves knee-mail! 🙂 Join us tomorrow for the conclusion to this part of the 2011 WOW Rewind.



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One Response to “Just Do This and Get All That?-WOW Rewind from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    I’ve read all the blogs this week and I think that this one speaks to me the most. Love the “knee mail” message because it is so true. Yes, last year at this time challenges were different, they change daily for all of us. I can look back and see that where I was then is not where I am now. I have progressed in areas that I was sure I could not get passed. Hey, I may not be but a few steps ahead in that, but the point being I have gained in my personal destination. Thank you for that gift!