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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to our “Keeping it Real Through the Holildays” series. If this is your first time with us, or in this series, please check the archives for the first two blogs. Before we get back to where we left off, I’d like to say a big thank you for those of you praying for Shirley, my biological mom, and me. I can feel your prayers. She is supposed to start physical therapy today, so keep those prayers coming. We also need to find some sort of assisted-living arrangement for her and we have two or less weeks to do so. I do covet your prayers for wisdom, discernment and favor as I go through the Medi-Cal process and deal with case workers and a social worker. This is new territory, but not uncharted for He is with me.

Okay. I’ve shared with you how crazy I’ve been in seasons past with the excessive decorating and a list a mile long of things to do and people to buy for, places to go, people to see, on and on and on. It makes me tired just rewinding the memories and watching myself. Now I’d like to share a few facts that have really helped to splash some perspective on this season for me. I discovered these facts weeks before we presented our workshop, back in November, and now that I know what I know, I have to do things differently. The funny thing is, with everything going on with my mother, I don’t have the energy or the time to do things the way I used to do. It’s funny how He can take a painful situation and turn it just a bit so it will bring Him glory and give you and me a new perspective, a new beginning, if you will.

I don’t know about you, but I so despise being lied to, so it stands to reason that I can’t and won’t lie to you. The typical Christmas story we hear is that about 2000 years ago, the evening of December 25th, or thereabouts, Mary and Joseph ride into Bethlehem on a donkey and Mary is in labor. Despite it being an emergency, all the innkeepers turn them away so they deliver the Lord Jesus in a stable. Then angels sing to the shepherds and they all join three kings with camels to worship the Savior.

The problem is, most of this is entirely wrong but because the events surrounding His birth have been retold so many times and in so many ways – plays, poetry, music, books, movies – the truth has been distorted. It makes me think of a game we played in a communications class to prove this point where all of us stood in a circle and the professor whispered something to the first person who then passed it on and by the time it got back to the first person, it was a bit distorted. Well, we’ve got over 2000 years of distortion, so hold on to your senses while we do some digging into a more accurate record. Where do we find a more accurate record? I’m so glad you asked. In the one book that’s been proven over and over again to be true: God’s Holy Word.

Let’s talk about these misconceptions one at a time. First of all, this Mary riding on a donkey may or may not be true; the fact is it doesn’t say how she got to Bethlehem. It just says that she and Joseph came there. There could have been a myriad of possibilities. I think it’s safe to say she didn’t hitchhike! LOL.

Another misconception or inaccurate assumption is that Mary gave birth the night she arrived in Bethlehem. Again, the Bible doesn’t suggest this. In Luke 2:6, the Word says: “While they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.” It sounds to me like she arrived before her “labor day.”

Let’s take one more before I let you go: Did Joseph and/or Mary talk to any innkeepers? It’s possible, but again there is no solid, Biblical reason to substantiate that they did. I know in many Christmas plays I’ve seen, even in a “Living Nativity” production I’ve been a part of, innkeepers play a prominent part, In fact, the innkeepers in the “Living Nativity” were quite funny, no disrespect intended!

Okay, I know, you should probably get going; after all, it is the holiday season and you have shopping to do, but before I let you go, let me just remind you He doesn’t call you to max out your credit cards and stress out yourself, so keep it real. We may be living in a changing economy and many see that as a bad thing but it doesn’t have to be. This is the time to take the materialism out of our gift-giving and give the gifts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and self-control.

Have a blessed day,


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