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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…



Thanks so much for joining us today for a coffee break and what I hope will be a fun and informative time based on a few facts of Halloween, which I hope spin a web of clarity instead of confusion! Before you grab your coffee, let me introduce you to one of our board members. She’s absolutely one of my favorite people, a loyal friend and a lover of God. She has a way about her that comes out amazing in writing, so I’ve asked – who am I kidding; I begged her to write today’s blog! And she said yes! I’m super excited to introduce you to her. We all call her Nanny but her legal name is Jan Bachelor. I just know you will enjoy what she writes.

Here’s a little interesting tidbit of information. Did you know that October 31(which the world calls All Hallows Eve or Halloween), is the same

day of the year that Martin Luther nailed his 95 “Thesis of Contentions” to the Wittenberg Church door? That Thesis started what is now called the Protestant

Reformation in 1517 as he challenged the accepted views of the Catholic Church, calling them heresy.

The beginning of the Protestant Reformation was a cause for Christianity changes in accordance with the Bible’s teachings. Singing of hymns in the congregations and much, much more were then put into practice as well as many other wonderful things.

As I researched more about “Halloween”, I found it to be a celebration of death & wickedness under a guise called, “All Saints Day” during the Celts era, and it was for the lord of darkness and death. Then in 43 AD, the Romans adapted it to their celebration day of death to fit in with their deities.

By 800 AD, the Celts along, with Christianity, accepted that day as a church festival of “All Saints Day.” Bingo! There it is.

Then on that very day, Martin Luther proclaimed the reformation of non-biblical practices.

Isn’t it incredible how the evil one uses October 31st to celebrate the ugly and how Martin Luther chose it to be the day of Reformation of Christianity? It sure does seem that the world chooses the evil to promote “fun.” I would suggest that on this day, October 31st, every Christian should be celebrating “freedom” from the very things they call “fun.” Quite the deceiver the devil is, and he uses children to do it. This is amazing to me, and not in a good way!

Just a thought to ponder how you celebrate this “fun” day. If you discover something different about this fact, please leave a comment and share.

Love from above,




Reference:Greatsite.com/ Martin Luther and History Channel website



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2 Responses to “Did you know? From Nanny with Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Thank you for the beautiful introduction. Not at all sure I deserve the kind words, but the Glory be to God!

  2. Tammy Scissons says:

    Hi Nanny, Thank you for sharing your thought today, love You!