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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks for joining me for Laugh with Me and Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. It’s great to be with you for this new little series – at least I think it will be a little series, but hey, who knows? Grab your coffee and come on in and hopefully we can share a giggle or two!

So in our last coffee hour, I shared that I was amazed that despite being surrounded by some conflict, He blessed me with the ability to let go and just laugh!

If we believe that the Word is Holy Spirit inspired, then a sense of humor really did begin with God Himself and He passed it down to His Son. 🙂 Scripture is full of some hilariously ridiculous analogies for some of life’s most important and serious lessons.

Let me explain to you what I mean. The Hebrew concordance says that “laughter,” translated to “basar,” doesn’t always translate to humor, per se, but there is always an undertone, or overtone, of cheerfulness. This reminds me that no matter what is going on in our worlds, and our lives, there is always something to be cheerful about. See, to be cheerful takes a grateful heart. When we are thankful, no matter what our circumstances, we can turn a frown upside down.

I think the first time “laughter” appears is in Genesis when Sarah laughs at the visitors who visited Abraham and told him that she would conceive. She was laughing because she was 89 years old and had given up on that dream, and discounted the guy’s comment as ridiculous. How many times do we give up on our dreams and the possibility of God fulfilling them and call them ridiculous?

He fills my heart with laughter!

He fills my heart with laughter!

I don’t mean to get serious, but I think there are two lighthearted but poignant lessons here: We shouldn’t laugh at the expense of another person! I don’t think that makes Him smile! Second, never discount God’s sense of humor as He weaves His plan into your dream!

I have been like Sarah but in a different area of my life. For example, I was never going to get married again! Here I am, almost married for ten years — I’ve never been married that long! God’s plan! And then there’s this writing journey; I just wanted to write a book, and here I am, writing from my heart to yours and working on my fifth!

If He would have shown me the full movie, or even any part of what happened after the first book, I would have laughed myself silly! And I probably would have run as fast and far as I could without stopping!

Oh, how glad I am that I didn’t and I know that I know, looking back, I would do it all over again because I can truly see His sense of humor in it all, amidst the refining process!

See God’s ways are not our ways and just when you think you have HIS plan for YOUR life figured out, He does something different, completely unexpected, and there may be some time that goes by before you can actually laugh, but I know that I know that the ability to laugh at His sense of humor comes as we learn to let go, let God and just laugh!

Smiling with you,

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