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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks so much for joining me for a coffee break at Chicklit Power! I hope you are not feeling that loss of one hour’s sleep! Grab your coffee and come on in for the introduction to a re-write of a very special series!

This series has such a special significance for me because it’s what He used to bring people forward to ask for help in this area and ultimately begin a ministry. It’s crazy how it happened, really and when I rewind the journey, the only fingerprints I see are His. In other words, I could have never master-minded this, let alone orchestrated a ministry like this. It confirms yet again His sense of humor! I have to just take a bit of a detour before we start this series. Something tells me you just may benefit from it, if not get a little chuckle at least!

It’s kind of funny, looking back through all of the twists and turns, thinking I knew what I was doing, where I was going and what I wanted to accomplish: to write a book and have it published. It was that last part that proved to be the most challenging part because the publishing industry has changed dramatically. I’ll never forget the horror I felt when I finally finished my first fiction novel and my editor told me I now needed a website. So I begin that process, and the web designers inform me I needed to link in Linkdin, to tweet on Twitter, to face on Facebook, and do some other forms of social media. Oh, and also, you need to blog! I didn’t even know what a blog was.

The web designer explained that the tools of Social Media were to be used to bring people to the site and lead them to the book. She explained it rather simplistically so I began to blog. I remember a week after I began, He gave me the title: Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. And I continued blogging. I blogged this very series, and in the midst of it – I’m not sure which step – I began to get requests to teach the steps.

I gathered my book team, and together we planned that first workshop based on this very series. I’ll never forget that day. Seventy people showed up! From that point on, my focus began to change ever so subtly, and now, instead of a publication journey and/or a quest for an agent, the writing journey has turned into a ministry.

I must confess I had no idea that’s what it really was going to be; I thought it was just part of the journey to get where I thought I wanted to be! But oh, how my perception has changed and He has used so many things and people and circumstances to change it, including giving me a vision.

Let me share it with you because maybe, just maybe you will be able to relate to the girl in the vision. I saw her, on her knees, bent down in front of a trunk of junk, only it was easy to see that many things had come out of the trunk and they were now behind her.

Still kneeling, she lifted her eyes and hands to the Father above in praise, website mission statement cloud 500xrealizing she was experiencing more and more freedom daily from the unpacking process. As she brought her gaze back down, a movement caught her eye and she looked up, and in the mirror behind the trunk. She nearly gasped at the silhouette of thousands of people standing there, watching her unpacking process in the mirror, each lost in their own thoughts.

It gives me chills every time I think about it and it makes so much sense. The vision encourages me to encourage you in this process of loving those unlovable/difficult people in your life because the transformation that comes from the process is a beautiful thing. Transformation brings the quietness of transparency for all to see.

Looking forward to loving the unlovable with you,


kim L


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