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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Happy Monday Manna once again!

This week I’m writing from a much more comfortable setting- my own home. It’s much slower paced here than the airport terminal and I find that there are fewer distractions here. I am finally caught up on sleep after battling a slight case of insomnia leading up to our trip. Normally the more common causes of sleep deprivation are related to stress or a change in hormonal balances within the body, but mine was due to anxiety for the upcoming song that my father in-law, brother in-law, and I would be singing for our wives on Valentine’s Day weekend. Once a year, during Valentine’s Day, we will prepare and perform a song that is comprised of a stolen melody from a popular love song, and we will write our own lyrics. We will then each sing a verse (while sometimes performing an interpretive dance). The verses we write are based upon special memories that we have made throughout the time of our marriage.

Late nights of practicing after work and still trying to get caught up on everything else that needed to get done at home really wore me thin, but it was well worth my wife’s reaction that evening of the performance. On the night of the performance we were all seated at the restaurant, which must have been exceeding maximum occupancy, and we were very anxious since we had no idea that the restaurant would be as crowded as it was. We had at least one hundred and fifty unexpected audience members and as the three of us stood up my father in-law began with his verse as my brother in-law and I harmonized, my brother in-law went next, and lastly it was my turn. As I sang my verse I looked into my wife’s eyes and put up the peripheral blinders, since I knew all 150 sets of eyes were on me as I belted out my part of the song.

When we finished I could see that my wife was holding back tears, praying that it wasn’t from my inability of hitting a few high notes, she pulled me close and whispered to me “I love you Gar and I loved my song.” I was overwhelmed with relief that I hadn’t forgotten any of my lyrics, but I was also overwhelmed with a feeling of gratefulness that God had brought this woman into my life.

I often find myself wondering how I became so fortunate to have Kay as my wife. My wife saved me from a lifestyle that was slowly killing me, both physically and spiritually. Kay often reminds me of how great God’s grace truly is and I will thank Him everyday for this blessing He has given unto me.

I pray that God will continue to be the Chief Cornerstone of our marriage, as well as yours. I’m learning that every marriage, including ours, has its ups and downs but through diligence in continued prayer and reading of the word together EVERY SINGLE DAY, God has rooted a foundation in our home and within our marriage. Let Christ become the Chief Cornerstone in your marriage. We must not let the cares of this world comprise our foundation!

God Bless you!


Garrett Castro


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One Response to “Monday Manna from Castro’s Corner of Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Amen! We are ever grateful for the gift of our beloveds in our lives. They keep us focused on the big picture and not just on our own little pixel in His awesome painting of the true meaning of our mission here.