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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Happy Monday Manna,

I pray that your weekend was a great one! Well it’s already June 2nd and summertime is almost here. I encourage you to look back to last June and then write down a major event that has taken place between then and now. Isn’t it incredible to see God’s hand at work in your life? God never takes His focus off of his kids, as seen throughout scripture. As we read through Exodus Ch. 19 & 20, you’ll find that Yahweh never takes His focus off His children, the Israelites, and prepares a way for Yeshua. But God also searches our hearts to find out where OUR focus is.

“Now all the people witnessed the thunderings, the lighting flashes, the sound of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking; and when the people saw it, they trembled and stood afar off. Then they said to Moses, “You speak with us, and we will hear; but let not God speak with us, lest we die” (Exodus 20:18-19). Who wouldn’t be fearful of seeing and hearing such an awesome thing? The flesh can exhibit power over us, even if we have established a close fellowship with God. That’s not to say the Israelites were a non-spirit filled people, but God knew where their hearts were and they understood that God had chosen Moses as His vessel to lead them to the promise land. God’s intention was to test the Israelites so as to protect them from sinning against His law.

God’s Law and the Mosaic Law are not to be confused. God’s Law, which is represented by the Ten Commandments, applies to everyone.  Whereas Mosaic Law, which consisted of over 613 commandments and were divided by social, moral, or ceremonial practice, are interlinked with the Abrahamic Covenant; these laws were provided to help govern the nation of Israel in Canaan in order to protect them from surrounding influences. But both God’s Law and Mosaic Law still place the focus on obedience to the Laws of Yaweh.

“You shall not make anything to be with Me — gods of silver or gods of gold — you shall not make for yourselves. An altar of earth you shall make for Me, and you shall sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and your peace offerings, your sheep and your oxen” (Exodus 20:23-24). Isn’t it remarkable that God- The Becoming One, commanded that His people were to offer sacrifice on an altar made of earth (dirt and stone) and then commanded that no stones were to be touched or carved that made up pieces of the altar. God’s intention was to remind the Israelites that their focus was not to be on an extravagant altar made of gold or silver and carved stones, but on the sacrifice that was being offered. Yashua would offer Himself as a living sacrifice for the sins of the world and our focus is to always be on Him. Isn’t it incredible to see how alive the Word is?

Where is our focus today? The Spirit is moving powerfully within the Church in these last days and it’s evident that the enemy is stepping up his game as well. But if we remain focused on the promises of Christ, we will remain headstrong. May God continue to move through you at home, at work, at the gym, the grocery store, and during times of joy or times of trouble. God Bless you and have a great week!

In His Love,


Garrett Castro

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One Response to “Monday’s Manna from Castro’s Corner @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Nice point about the different “laws”, most folk think of just the 10 Commandments and not the 600 + ones. The carved stones were another nice revelation of God’s getting through to man that anything that would take your focus off of Him was of the flesh period. Now that we have Jesus who has provided us thru the cross and resurrection, a promise of a “new” creation through him and GRACE, unmerited favor. Let us put our focus on the Savior who is the only way to our Abba God and not by the old “law”.