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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Happy Monday Manna,

Even though another hectic Monday awaits you, I pray that God will meet you wherever you are. He’s bigger than any chaotic schedule, or problem that you will encounter this week. He’s on your side! I hope you enjoy!

Most Saturday mornings in the Castro household consist of caching up on caloric deficiencies that take place throughout the chaotic work week and Kay makes the BEST Ezekiel Bread French toast on the face of the planet, so that’s my excuse to over indulge. Normally after breakfast we get into the Word and pray together, but this last Saturday was different.

I woke up early, around 6:00AM, and called my running buddy Eddie Lopez to see if he would be interested in running a trail in Highland. He agreed and we rendezvoused at the trailhead at approximately 9:00AM, which gave me enough time to grab a quick bite to eat and stretch before the monster run. Eddie is one of my best friends and his testimony is a great one. We got into the Word together, prayed for safety, and then began our ascent up the mountain.

We brought half of a gallon of water and a grapefruit that Eddie found in the groves close to the trail head. Eddie and I both knew that we should pack more water, but as you know, the more you pack the more you expend so we decided to opt for the minimalist approach. The first five miles hurt pretty badly since the grade was so steep and the temperatures were already creeping up to 90 degrees. This specific trail doesn’t provide much shade from tree coverage and although the trail is well maintained, the inclines really began getting to me.

We dropped off the water half way up the mountain to conserve energy and then Eddie and I finally had enough air in our lungs to thank God for such a beautiful day. As we were running, we could see the peak of Big Bear and the ominous series of switchbacks that lead to the peak; we were approximately nine miles in. We decided it might be a good idea to head back since we had no water and the temperatures were rising to 100 degrees.

As we began our descent, I remember feeling depleted and then…I hit a wall. I began cramping and I knew that my core body temp was too high since I felt myself getting the chills and I began to shiver. I continued on as far as I could, but then I really began to struggle.

As I was running, pieces of Psalm 22 suddenly popped into my head “I am poured out like water, and all My bones are out of joint; My heart is like wax; it has melted within Me. My strength is like a potsherd, and my tongue clings to my jaw; You have brought me to the dust of the earth” (Psalms 22:14).

And just then I pictured Jesus Christ on the cross. The amount of pain I was experiencing was not even a small fraction of the pain that He endured…for you and me. I actually imagined a melting heart. I was delirious from heat exhaustion, but nonetheless, I gained stronger understanding.

I stopped and laid under a small tree to bring down my core temp. I remember praying for God to remove my pain. Eddie ran down the mountain to retrieve the remaining water and his grapefruit. What an awesome friend, right!? I asked myself, what was so much different about this run that the others we had done? I then realized that I hadn’t hydrated nearly enough 48 hours prior to this run and my electrolyte levels weren’t monitored before beginning to run.

Eddie arrived with the water and we shared the grapefruit. I instantly felt my electrolyte levels equalize and I felt re-energized. As we ran down the mountain we passed an old wooden cross that overlooked the whole valley area. It was a reminder of God’s provision and love for me. I’m learning that Jesus Christ reveals himself more and more to us, even through times of agony and desolation. He has His name on us and He will continue to reveal Himself to us as we eagerly seek him. Have a great week and stay hydrated! God Bless!

In His Love,


Garrett Castro

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One Response to “Monday’s Manna from Castro’s Corner @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    A friend always comes to your aid when you are really hurting and in a hard place of danger. What a friend we have in Jesus and I see that Eddie is one of your good friends also. Keep putting out your blogs!!!