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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Happy Monday Manna!

So first and foremost, I want to apologize to anyone that I may have offended with last week’s blog. My last intention was to hurt or upset any of you. Each and every one of you have been extremely supportive throughout my time with CPM. I cannot thank you enough for all the love you have shown. So please continue to join me for Monday’s Manna and I assure you, and so does Evinda, that we will stick to blogs that equip and encourage!

Kay and I just got home from Loma Linda Prenatal Intensive Care unit where my nephew Duke has been over the past four days. Unbeknownst to any of us, including Duke’s mommy and daddy, my brother and sister-in-law, his kidneys were undeveloped and hence, a series of problems have come to the surface. It began with him throwing up and mommy finding blood in his urine. Can you even imagine how scary that was/is for them?

Because of this underdevelopment in utero, there was a serious undetectable blockage in his kidneys and they are not functioning properly and this little guy will need dialysis over the next year. Once his year is complete and his body weight approximates ten pounds, we are told that he will qualify for a kidney transplant.

We visited him on Wednesday evening, the day after he was admitted to Loma Linda, but yesterday was the first day I was actually able to see him in the NICU. I sat side by side with my brother and and together we watched Duke fight for his life. When I saw his little feet moving  I smiled from the inside out, but when I saw his hand which was wrapped with the little pole and blood pressure monitor. I had a really hard time looking at him, and looking at what my brother was enduring. And as I watched my brother ever so carefully pick Duke up to hold him, his little defenseless, helpless baby, all I could do was bow my head in prayer.

Can I ask you all to do the same for Duke, my brother and my sister-in-law? I know God has a plan, and His Word promises that He will use ALL things for those who have been called [Romans 8:28]; my brother and sister-in-law have been called and love the Lord. Father, hear the cry of my heart!

Have a great week and I’ll keep you posted,



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One Response to “Monday’s Manna from Castro’s Corner @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Well Garret you did not offend me in any way with your last Monday Manna. I thought it was a revealing of the kindness and care of your heart. I find that encouraging and uplifting and showing our human emotions very clearly. Now, of course, prayers going up for this little guy, Duke, and his parents. It is part of being in this world that we get exposed to things that are troubling and painful. But because we have the promises of Christ’s stripes we know that healing is absolutely available to us as believers. I claim that healing in Jesus Name for this family. Amen