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Happy Monday! And as promised last week, beginning this week, we have a guest blogger every Monday, so without further ado, let me introduce you to Garret Castro, a close friend from Fitness 19 who will be sharing his heart with us every Monday for Monday’s Manna, in his corner (Castro’s Corner) of Chicklit Power! Enjoy reading from his heart right to yours!

He Never Lets Go!

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…


Hello CPM’ers!

My name is Garrett Castro and I am deeply honored to be writing for this week’s edition of Monday Manna. When Kim (Evinda) asked me if I would be interested in writing on the blog, I was ecstatic, but also slightly apprehensive, since I’ve never written for such an esteemed blog as CPM. I’ve been asked to share my story with all of you, and I am extremely blessed to do so. My only mission from this writing is to demonstrate how God has impacted my life and is sovereign in providing for my every need.

I remember September of 1998 like it was yesterday. I recall how uncomfortable my soccer cleats felt during our 6th grade scrimmage and I remember Mr. Johnson, our elementary principal, sprinting from the administrative office, towards the over-grown soccer field. As he approached I could see that his eyes were fixed on me and his countenance was grim. He gently placed his hand on my shoulder and he said, “Garrett, you need to go home. Your Dad isn’t doing well.”

As we pulled onto our street I could see cars lined up and down both sides of the curb. I can still remember the nauseous feeling I had in my stomach as I approached the front door of our home on College Avenue. As we entered I saw friends, family, church members, and neighbors all throughout the house; our home was only 1300 square feet so we had people extended into the kitchen. I still remember the weeping and whispering as I slowly approached my father’s bedside; I was afraid to look up, because I didn’t know what I would see.

As my mother, my brother, and I held his hand, we witnessed him take his last breath; as he took his very last breath we saw him raise his hands into the air, as if his spirit was being carried away by the angels. I will never forget that day. I was eleven years old and I was angry, upset, and confused as to why God betrayed our family. My dad was my hero and God took him away from me. My father battled lung-cancer for 16 years and EVERY single night I can remember praying to God that he would be healed, but God never answered my prayer. I was bitter.

As I intentionally distanced myself from God throughout high-school and my college career, I lived a carnal lifestyle and did everything for “Me.” My selfish lifestyle was driven by my anger towards God’s decision to take my father. I wanted nothing to do with the church and my Bible began collecting dust.

During the summer of 2009, I received an email from Kayla Little, my elementary sweetheart. She was on the soccer field that same day I was told the horrific news that my dad was dying. After 10 years God brought this girl back into my life. She abruptly gave me an ultimatum- keep living my selfish lifestyle I insisted upon living or surrender; I decided to take the latter of the two options.

God brought Kayla back into my life in order to save me from my own imminent destruction. Kayla and I married on December 30, 2012. I thank God every day for my wife and the second chance that I was given. God’s provision is always sufficient and He overcomes all that we can’t.

So if you ever feel as though God’s given up on you, I can assure you He hasn’t; He didn’t and He won’t!




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2 Responses to “Monday’s Manna from Castro’s Corner @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Gay says:

    How refreshing…thank you for sharing Garrett….so glad to be a part of the CPM blog everyday and welcome you to the family.

  2. Jan Bachelor says:

    My son, what a wonderful testimony your life story is. I also was with my father and mother when they breathed out the last earth breath and went to Jesus to breath in their first heavenly breath. One of the hightlights in my life that I am grateful for is being with them and actually experiencing the soul leave the earth home. Yes, you can see it quite easily if you are looking. It was such a precious moment in my life that I cherish it everyday. I see how folk blame God for a loved one leaving, but in reality we who are born will leave at some point, whether in Rapture or the circle of life. The blessed thing is that you know exactly where your believing loved ones are and you have the promise of being with them forever in the perfect realm of God.
    Congratulations on your first blog! Awesome!