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Angels Flexing over our Protection!

Luke 4:10: For it is written: He shall give His angels charge over you,to keep you.

Welcome to #Coffeehour @ Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. This is a new Monday series, and my heart hopes that you will find meaning in Monday’s Mantra each week! Grab your favorite beverage and your Strand of Faith (SOF) and come join me for a true story.

Mondays always seem to be extra busy for some reason, especially now that I’m back to court reporting three to four days a week. Last Monday was no exception; in fact, my to-do list seemed to be put on steroids – meet with assistant, leadership training meeting, our Night of Purpose event list of things to do, upcoming class to begin preparing for, raffle gifts to procure, but in the midst of it all I needed and wanted to make time to have a late lunch with my adopted mom who is recovering from pneumonia. This would be our first lunch in weeks. I just needed to be with her. She’s calming for me, understands me like no one else, gently advises and offers her wisdom, and has this ability to bring my world back to a more accurate perception. She was God’s first example of unconditional love in human form!

Anyway, we were inside eating lunch for a good hour and as we made our way out, we were still talking while walking to my car…that is until I looked up. What I saw rendered me speechless! Imagine me, a person of soooo many words, speechless! J I stopped mid-sentence and stood there, holding mom back as I pointed to what I was seeing: my driver’s side car door wide open!

The movie replayed in my head and I realized that after getting out of the car, and not shutting my door, heading for the trunk to get her walker, then over to her to help her up, I just had a brain toot and forgot to close and lock my door! We stood there a couple of seconds; I looked at her, and she looked at the open door and at first this feeling of dreadful fear came over me. I motioned for her to stay right there as I made my way across the lane toward my car. With every step the fear lessened and when I got to the car and peeked in the back seat to confirm that my laptop and newly purchased bags of Bath & Body Works stuff was still there, I gasped…in thanksgiving more than disbelief.

“Nothing’s taken, Mom” I hollered across the lane. I went and got her and both of us were in a sort of dumbfounded quiet, both of us knowing with every cell in our being that God’s angels had to do a bit of overtime on my behalf. Angels were flexing over my protection for sure, protecting everything that concerns me. There is no other explanation; no denying He was defying any evil coming my way, protecting me from my mistake, going ahead of me and watching behind me. To say I felt loved and protected is an understatement.

May I challenge you to look for ways that He protects you throughout your day; they may be blatant; they may be subtle but I can say with an experienced certainty, His protection is there! Seek and find…



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