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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartAfter Mother’s Day Thoughts . . .

Thanks for stopping by for Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power! Monday’s Mana from Castro’s corner of Chicklit Power will resume next Monday, with Garret, but grab your coffee and come join me for some afterthoughts about Mother’s day!

As we made our way home yesterday, a day that is probably the most celebrated days alongside Christmas and Easter, I couldn’t help but experience some bittersweet moments, especially as I responded to the many “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes via text and Facebook for which I was extremely grateful; otherwise, it really would have felt like an ordinary day in the life of Evinda Lepins . . . always something worthwhile to share!  But really, what a positive way to use social media! There are so many mammas out there and I just love how we love and support each other!

There was one post that my niece had posted on Facebook, and of course its background was beautiful flowers, lots of squiggly decorative lines, and color, lots and lots of beautiful, heavenly colors. But the words sort of rang the doorbell of my heart and truth opened the door and its message sang the most incredibly peaceful and beautiful harmonies of this truth: Man works from the rising sun ‘til the setting sun; a mother’s work, however, is never done!

I used to think that by this point in my life, my “job” would be done! Now I can laugh at my silly thinking. I’ve realized our children get older, as we do, but life continues to happen and they continue to need us in certain ways. As our kids get bigger, so do their problems! Just years ago, I used to say this very same thing; that a mom’s work is never done, and there was always an undercurrent of resentment there . . . until recently!

See, yesterday, as we were making our way home with a very special four-year-old for a season of resuming motherly responsibilities, I had a lot of time to reflect on that one post and my reality. I can honestly say that God says a mother’s work is never done. I may not be enjoying some sort of Mother’s Day celebration with my own adopted mom, or with my son and his family, or opening presents from my husband from our dogs, aka, our four-legged kids, but something I can say with vehement certainty: I am embracing this truth with a quiet peace, a special kind of joy knowing that He needs all of us moms to know that a mother’s heart is vital to changing our world, one heart at a time and just as He who began a new work will be faithful to complete it until the time of Christ, so our work must continue until we meet Him face to face!

Thanks for allowing me to share some thoughts about this special day, from my mother’s heart to yours,

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One Response to “Monday’s Message from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit POwer”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Being a Mom is challenging and a lot of sacrifice is involved. Self takes a low rung on the ladder of life if you are a decent Mom. Now it is easy to be a crummy Mom, just say “yes” to everything the kids want to do, they won’t dislike you right away. But the cost of being a good Mom costs you a lot!!! The kids will say they “hate” you, you’re mean, you don’t love them and so much more. Yep, painful, hard work, tears will be shed, but when they are grown and see what you gave to keep them safe and loved all will come to light. Of course it doesn’t end there for Moms. Nope, if we get blessed with grandchildren we get a whole new role as a different “Mom,” a grandmom. I think good Moms are under appreciated and one day a year, hopefully, you are acknowledged for your service! Ha Guess that is why God created women to do this flexible, many times, thankless role. That is also why we have an extra layer of fat, so we stay soft and bouncy as we roll through this role! LOL At least that is what I choose to believe about the “fat” part. Blessings to every Mom out there who is bumping a long in her life. Congratulations <3