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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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It’s a new day and His mercies are new! Can I get an AMEN! Thanks for stopping by for more of Nana Holds and the symptoms to the world-wide relationship infection! Grab your coffee and let’s get to the next symptom.

The next question for another symptom asks: “Do you feel troubled if anyone upsets your usual routine?”

Wow, bringing this symptom into our season of Nana Holds, I can’t help but think of the potty-training experience! That was definitely a time where the surrendering of my routine began! On the other hand, since I was showing up for this incredibly important challenge, I clung to other pieces of my routine like a child who won’t give up her favorite toy! So again, I’d have to say that at our Revival for Relationships workshop, I was in between yes and no for this symptom as well. In other words, I hadn’t quite gotten rid of this symptom.

My heart is smiling right now as I prepare to share my current answer to this symptom: More often than not my answer is a confident, no; I don’t feel mad, troubled, or anxious if there is an interruption in “my usual routine.” The affirmation is spilling out and splashing me with joy as I remember it. Just a couple months ago, I was in my writing room — the room that used to be have an invisible sign that said “do not enter” if the door was anywhere near closed — and I looked up when I heard the sound of the door being pushed back ever so gently. My favorite little three-year-old with his adorable and expressive smiling eyes came into “my space,” his sweet voice pulling me away from what I was working on.

“Nana, what are you doing? I have a fwower for you.”

a flower with me . . .

a flower with me . . .

I immediately put my laptop down and reached for the flower thanking him as I marveled at his thoughtfulness and its beauty. We then had a simple little conversation and when he was satisfied with our two-minute dialogue, he turned to leave. Right before he got to the door, he stopped, as if he had forgotten something. “Wait a minute; I forgot to give you a hug.” He ran back to embrace me enthusiastically, and then walked back to the door. By the time he reached the door, my eyes were shimmering with happy tears that spilled over onto my cheeks simultaneous to his “I wuv you” as he closed the door ever so slowly.

I am learning that meeting life on life’s terms means bending when things don’t happen according to plan. I can honestly confess that strength comes in flexibility, not rigidity!

The next question for another symptom of rigidity in the relationship infections is “Do you tend to see moral issues in black-and-white terms?

Wow, that’s a tough one and I need to think about how I answered it on February 23rd and now. What is your answer to that one?



Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


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One Response to “Nana Holds”

  1. Gay says:

    I can say this little man is teaching you and George so many new emotions and feelings that have been put aside for safe keeping….until he came into your home, I never seen such love and affection by just looking into both of your eyes. I love reading this, but seeing it too just melts my heart…and how could ones heart not melt when you see what a huge heart this little guy has for the both of you. He is a wise little man.

    P.S. Great manners too!