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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Aloha! As I write this for you, we are sitting in our timeshare in Kauai, my most favorite place to be and my most favorite place to write. And it’s raining right now! I love the rain! I remember when I didn’t like the rain because that meant I couldn’t run around like a chicken with my head cut off! Now, I cherish it for it brings me to a quiet place in my soul and from there is easiest to write from my heart to yours! So, come in with me and thanks so much for joining me. Grab your coffee and let’s go see where we are now in this life-changing series.

Sometimes it’s hard not to mix what I know now with where I was at then, which is still in the March/April time frame. Okay. I wrote in my journal that “I am still uncomfortable just “being” with Bryden but the more I do it, the better I’ll get and the easier it will be.” Oh, how thankful I am for the progress in the process that encourages me to continue!

In another entry just a few days later I am thanking Him for getting more comfortable in the learning process of just being with this amazing little guy but I also ask Him to help me not lose the momentum. Why in the world would I – Oh, now I remember: because we were getting ready to go away on a little getaway that was both business and pleasure.

Oh, dear, this is another one of those dips in the journey that just about takes my heart out! Okay, girl, focus, focus so I can keep you with me and not lose you along the way!

By this time, Jene was admitting how startled she was by her attachment to him. She never really saw herself as a “kid” person. As I write that, I am startled by our

He calls her J, J. Jene'!

He calls her J, J. Jene’!

resemblance in this area! 🙂 Bryden lit up every time Jene was around and so it made perfect sense to us to ask her to come over and stay with him, and our four-legged kids too, while we were away for the weekend.

I remember taking him to school that day and letting him know Jene’ would be picking him up and take him home and they would get to have so much fun together for a couple of days while Nana and Papa were gone. There was something familiar tugging on the strings of my heart as I kissed him and squeezed him good day and good-bye in his classroom. His return hug squeezed some tears to my eyes and as I made my way out the closing door, my heart opened to the reality that I was going to miss him a whole bunch!

It has stopped raining now so I better let you go and go be in these moments here in Kauai! Join me tomorrow for more life-changing moments in this journey!


Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


P.S. I’d like to send out a very happy birthday to two very special people in my life: Cheryl and Desiree. Cheryl, all I can say is so many times I wish I could be more like you! Keep on being you for the gift of you is a present in so many lives! Des, you are a breath of honest-to-goodness fresh air! Love you both and may the memories you create today squeeze your heart with love and laughter on days you need the reminder most!


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