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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks for joining me today for a coffee break and for hanging in with me through all the ups and downs of this season. If anything, I hope you are feeling, as I am, that the ups make the downs easier! Grab your coffee and come join me. We are still making our way home from Vegas.

At the time, to me, it was pretty cut and dry; his son had messed up and thereby consequences should follow. What those were, I didn’t know. All I knew is I didn’t want him just being allowed to move back home as if nothing had happened. My fears were screaming that if we let that happen, then this whole incident gets swept under the carpet like some dirt and dust! And then, who knows when and if it would be dealt with. That was just not an option! Nope, front and center, right now, let’s deal with it!

I was fit to be tied or having a fit and falling in it; I couldn’t tell you which. But here’s the lesson He has been so incredibly patient and gracious enough to make sure that I learn, and He has incessantly used this marriage to teach me this: it’s not up to me to rub one’s nose in their messes! And maybe I’m the only one who’s done that; you know, be sure and be sure that they know what they’ve done isn’t right.

Well, that is the only common ground that George and I walked on at this time during our drive home. We both acknowledged that what he did wasn’t right. But that’s where the agreement ended and division took over. I wasn’t acknowledging any of his fears and concerns and he wasn’t acknowledging mine. Suddenly, despite our getaway, there was a wall in between us once again, a wall built by both of us and blocks added to it by this situation.

On the drive home, I remember trying to grasp at many of the truths I had learned by this time, especially in the area of co-dependency, and it was almost like I was a trapeze artist standing way up high on the platform, awaiting for her ring to come so she could let go and fly. And when the circle of truths finally came to the surface of my heart, I caught it in the air and clung to it with all of my might, willing myself to hang on and hang in and to do things differently.

I was then and am now only in control of me. I cannot make others catch their truths; they must do that for themselves so that they too can soar as on wings of eagles.

I also began texting a good friend on the way home to fill her in and ask for prayer. She’s one of the most encouraging souls I know and she and her husband are very special to both of us, and now even more so because when we finally pulled up at home, there they both were, parked and waiting for us!

Join me and a surprise guest blogger tomorrow for a bit of Halloween history, and Friday for November’s WOW! Whew, where in the world did October go?

Love from above,


Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


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