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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Wow, we are almost to the end of this true life-changing story, and as it comes closer and closer, I already have a new title for its sequel: Nana Prays! Grab your coffee and let’s get back to where we were, just arriving home from our little getaway in Vegas which ended with me really wanting to get away, forever!

As we pulled into our driveway, the silent tension so thick it was suffocating, I breathed a silent but surprised sigh of relief as I saw our friends there. I’m really not sure what George thought as he realized they were there, but he and Rodney hugged and I hugged Cheryl, exclaiming my surprise at seeing them.

George grabbed our suitcase from the truck and we all walked into the house. He set it down in the hallway and the three of them walked to the family room. I joined them after taking my writing bag up to the writing room. As I descended the stairs, I could hear George telling Rodney what had happened and as I walked in the room to join them, Rodney wasted no time and jumped right into what he knew was the conflict.

To go over every detail would only edify the enemy because it was a very painful discussion, but one that needed to happen. Hurts and resentments from the months leading up to this came spilling out of both of us, but in order to let go of them, they had to. Through that painful conversation, we discovered two things: I didn’t feel protected and he didn’t feel respected. We had a lot of work to do individually as well as a couple, and we could either choose to get in the same ship together and ride the resulting waves from the choice made by Bryce, or we could be like two sinking ships going in different directions.

My dilemma was part of me wanted to get in the same ship, and another part of me wanted desperately to ride off into the sunset . . . alone!

Join me tomorrow for more cruising through this new stormy development in the season of Nana Holds.


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