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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Thanks for joining me for our Coffee Hour break and more of Nana Holds. Just a little inside scoop: As the end of this year is fast approaching, it will collide with the end of this series . . . But I have a feeling Nana Prays will take its place! Whew, life is full of stories to tell, share and learn from. Grab your coffee and let’s go jump right in where we left off.

I so understood my husband’s pain, and as I listened to him sob and try to pray the words on his heart, my tears came pouring out too, but quietly as I wrestled with my fleshy frustration and my desire to protect my husband from all this pain caused by one choice, one stinking choice. But have you ever tried to stay angry while praying? It’s impossible!

After George prayed, I did too. I begged God for His intervention, His sovereignty being the only way that this wrong could get turned right. I asked Him that in the process of that, if He would reveal Himself to Bryce in ways Bryce would not be able to deny, that the reality of the necessity of His grace would just take root in his heart. I asked for strength in how to be as gentle and Christ-like in this situation, not knowing where we were headed and lastly, I prayed for Bryden, that God would protect his little head and heart from any sort of confusion brought about by the fact Daddy was home but we didn’t know for how long.

When it came time for Bryce to pray, I so wish I could have been a fly inside his head and yet it wasn’t necessary to see that he was deeply affected by his dad’s deep, guttural grief. I couldn’t quite make out what he said word for word, but I do remember he asked for help after admitting to making a bad choice and when he began to talk about his son, he too got choked up, fighting all the emotion he was feeling, because Bryce runs from feelings but here they all were, vying for his attention, rising up to meet him and be accounted for.

George closed the prayer and we each stood and hugged, hanging on to each other a little longer, perhaps some of us wanting that moment to carry us into eternity so we wouldn’t have to face tomorrow.

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Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


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