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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Oh, it’s so good to have you to share coffee with and to share, from my heart to yours, this amazing transformation series. Grab your coffee and come join me for a break.

So why did I talk so much about taking tests, and how hard test-taking is for me? The answer is simple: To reveal the grace of His sovereign hand in my life that continues to compel me forward in marriage, in my own car and lane, while others around me are driving recklessly! I can do nothing about their driving, even if they come over into mine. Now, don’t get me wrong, even Jesus bent down and “gently” drew a line in the sand saying no more, but He did it gently and matter-of-factly, not emotionally, screaming and crying. But I believe He may have been crying inside, but He wasn’t driven by His emotions, either.

See, I long to share, from my heart to yours, all that He is doing in me in spite of the behavior of others, not to glorify the pain or others missing my mark, but to inspire you to come closer to the God of grace, the divine healer, the miracle maker, the healer, provider. Oops, I could have kept that paragraph going for a long time.

While I had learned that I couldn’t keep things, or persons, under control, I was tugging on George to do just that with many things that were going on in our home. But he wasn’t there yet. I was letting go of the rope of control, but I was still struggling with the temptation to throw it at him and MAKE him grab it!

I was, however, determined to have my own relationship with Bryce and forego the prior efforts of going through George to communicate my needs to him. It wasn’t easy, by any means, but I found the more I went to him, the less difficult it was. I wanted him to like me but I didn’t “need” for him to like me!

Join me Monday for more of this 30-day trial,



Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!

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