Nana Holds-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks for joining me today for a little break and Nana Holds. Grab your coffee and come join me for a sweet surprise that took place less than one month after John had returned to his job away from home.

I had gotten back into the swing of things with little Johnny, enjoying my responsibilities more than I ever had, reveling in the love I had for him that overflowed at times, love that was so pure, like nothing I had ever experienced before, even with my firstborn. Don’t misunderstand me; I loved him with my life but there were many clogs in the pipe to the heart and those interfered with the unconditionality of it all.

But what is love if you can’t give it? I was not only able to give this love to him but because many things had been released, unlearned if you will, I was able to receive love from him as well, oh, such a sweet and pure love of a child. I had learned so much by this time in the journey that my own childhood, or lack thereof, was no longer the only teacher. I had no idea how long we would be his guardians, and it no longer mattered for I was truly trusting God to work all things out for the good of this little boy and his welfare was now more important to me than any of my plans.

And trust me when I say I wasn’t over-compensating with Johnny to make up what was lacking in my marriage; quite the contrary. I was actually able to keep the two very separate, almost like a surreal out-of-body experience wherein I was able to discern the internal struggle my husband was having while trying not to add to it. This discernment helped me to put into practice the fruits of the spirit, at least a couple of them: love, peace, patience, without trying to be his Holy Spirit.

God’s so good about that, granting not just knowledge, which is the facts, but wisdom, which is what to do with the facts learned. I was resting, for the most part, in the truth that God didn’t bring the two of us together to live in discord instead of harmony. He didn’t join us in marriage only to have our emotional junk tear us apart. No, He was using marriage as His primary tool in each of our refining processes, as a way to peel back, all the way down to the layer that was covering the deepest wounds, and once exposed, the Great Physician would allow marriage to join in the washing away and thereafter the healing process that only love can accomplish.

God was proving to be very active in John’s life at the same time for He had also shown him amazing favor and rather than starting completely over in the new job, he was granted many privileges within two weeks. Yes, life was resuming with our new normal, each one of us changed by what we inappropriately deemed as an interruption.

But He wasn’t done with His artwork in the tapestry of our lives. Before we knew it, the first month was gone and it was time for John to go back to the Court for a sort of progress report.

Join me Monday for the results!


Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!

P.S. I’d like to add this very important note: If any of you see Dawn Lavoie today, and even if you don’t, maybe F.B. her and say happy birthday. And, Dawn, if you are having coffee with me today, know that I am a better person because of you and my world is a better place! Have an amazing day today and make memories that squeeze your heart for years to come. I love you!


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One Response to “Nana Holds-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Gay says:

    Okay….so I’m sad this has to come to a end…it’s been such a great blog.
    Changing the names is kind of silly because we, or all who have been following, know their names.

    I don’t get it??????
    Oh well, moving on.
    Will there be “Nana Prays”???

    Love you Peanut