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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks so much for joining me for Coffee Hour. I know it’s not always easy and/or convenient to take a break! Grab your coffee and let’s get back to that door that’s about to open and I’m just huffing and puffing internally, waiting to walk through it!

Actually, I wasn’t, and didn’t even know I was going to be given an opportunity to bring up something that was causing us all great concern, that is, Michelle, George and me, but I was so I took it. As I’m writing this, I don’t even remember how the door opened. Ugh, another menopausal brain toot!

Oh, there it is! So she and her parents were talking about all of them going to counseling and I couldn’t help but wink up at God at His craftiness and His sovereignty that guarantees turning pain into something beautiful. I looked over at Michelle, and this time it was my turn to sit up in my chair and I looked straight at bio mom while sending a quick prayer up for courage and the right words.

So the door that opened was the opportunity to address a diagnosis that she had been given years ago, according to her parents, and combine that concern with some powerful truth. I was able to share with her that I truly, God as my witness, wanted her to be okay; that I prayed consistently for her to become the mom that Bryden deserves but that we all felt that she needed some professional help and medication.

There, it was out in the open and no more stepping around the big fat elephant that interfered with good communication and any hope of a resolution! At first she denied the diagnosis, and when I looked at her parents, they confirmed it. She

picking flowers at daddy's new job!

picking flowers at daddy’s new job!

still tried to wiggle out of it by belittling the years that had gone by since that particular diagnosis and refuting the most recent one (when Bryden was a few months old) because “that was when she was using drugs and drinking, both of which she said she’s no longer doing.”

When I thought she was ready to take a breath, I stopped her. I explained that until she dealt with it on a professional level, she was not going to get any kind of unsupervised visitation with her son. Bam, boundary line drawn!

The crazy thing is, she agreed! The even crazier thing: when we finally appeared before the judge to share our agreements, Her Honor informed us that she couldn’t order a court-approved evaluation for bio-mom; that was something she had to do on her own!

Join me Thursday to find out how that was handled, and tomorrow for Wednesday’s Word, a new Wednesday series I’m starting!


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