Nana Holds-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for joining me today for a little coffee break. We are going back to what is turning out to be the longest series I’ve ever written or blogged, and something tells me this could become a novel! Grab your coffee and come on in for more of Nana Holds.

October came and as I think back to the special moments of the falling into fall, I can’t help but smile. Every year, I like to decorate our yard with fall/harvest decorations. And then there’s the inside to do as well. It’s something I truly look forward to and I’ve come to realize that the fall/harvest season has become my favorite time of the year because it’s sort of organic compared to what the Christmas season has evolved into.

I guess I enjoy it so much more because there’s no stress attached to it that comes from thinking you’ve got to do it all – gift purchasing, wrapping, giving, parties, either throwing or attending, baking – the list can go on and on, and trust me; my Christmas to-do list was at least a mile long!

So the time came to begin doing the harvest decorating and something I’ve learned about Bryden is he loves to help, feel as though he’s part of what we’re doing – well maybe the center of what we’re doing! But that’s the way our Father made him, a little extrovert; and considering all he’s been through, his ability to engage so freely is absolutely a God-given gift! 🙂

He’s got such a good work ethic already in that when he wants to do it, he gives it all he has. Like helping me put laundry

Helping in the kitchen!

Helping in the kitchen!

in the dryer. He takes the shirt or pair of pants and he heaves and he swings and bam! The piece of clothing lands in the dryer. Sometimes it takes twice as long to get the clothes in than if I were doing it on my own — but it’s nowhere near as fun — because he has to look at whatever he’s about to toss in the dryer, which means he has to stretch it all out so he can figure it out. Then he’ll exclaim whose it is and what it is with such child-like carefree enthusiasm that grabs a giggle out of me no matter what’s on my mind!

And when it’s time to take the laundry out of the dryer, why he gets all into it, literally, and rolls himself up in a tight little ball and climbs his way into the dryer to get that last tarrying sock, or the wayward pair of his little big-boy chonies, aka, underwear. And there I am folding as fast as I can so I’m ready for the next piece of clothing he pulls out.

Putting the dishes in the dishwasher requires a bit more patience on our part, but his enthusiasm to help never waivers. Sometimes I’ll hand him a fork and point to the little container to put it in and he stares at it wondering if there’s a better place to put it. Oh how I’ve wished more times than I can count that I could be in his little mind and see what he’s thinking!

Come back tomorrow for Wednesdays Word and be sure and join me Thursday for more moments that I’m learning from and holding forever in my heart in this season of Nana Holds.


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