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Coffee Hour!

Thanks so much for stopping by for a little break from it all! I know life can sometimes be a little crazy to break free from, but it’s a good thing to do for our sanity! So grab your coffee and come on in. I was about to share about building some sort of frame, or foundation for Bryce to walk upon once he moved back home.

So this foundation that George and had talked about just a couple days prior was shaky at best, but our intentions were good and what was most important to me was that we were united in our thoughts and our desire to help him, not enable him to continue doing the things that were causing him to come back home in the first place.

That was my biggest hope, and as I looked at him on the couch, literally sobbing, I knew in my heart we had to help him. As the tears ran down his face, they beckoned me to get up and out of my chair and I went to him. I’ll never forget this as long as I live. I tentatively sat down beside him and put one arm around him, almost pulling him toward me while testing his acceptance. He rewarded me with leaning in closer towards me. My other arm went around him naturally and I held this then 26-year-old, and listened to his sobs as they filled the air.

As I held him, I felt such love and my heart filled with hope for him, real hope. In all the years I’ve been married to his father, this was the closest he’d ever let me get to him, physically and emotionally.

When his sobs subsided, we talked about what George and I had talked about, a plan to make this work. We told him he would be drug-tested randomly; that was the first thing. We shared the importance of participating in life around the house, cleaning his room, bathroom, and any other mess he made. Then we talked about finances, agreeing that I would take his rent and put it into a savings account so he could get his own home for him and Bryden.

Sweet Baby Bryden

By this time, I had returned to my seat, and I remember sharing with Bryce how this could be a good thing for him if he was really ready to let go of the things that had led him to this point in his life. A new location doesn’t get rid of the problems; they follow you no matter where you go until you face them and do what you need to do to be free from and of them.

We moved from the painful stuff to something that brought Bryce hope, the day when his little boy would live with him. That brought a smile to his heart and it spread to his face. He breathed a sigh almost of relief, like he just realized that maybe, coming home may have been the right thing to do.

Join me for more of Nana Holds on Monday — and I promise we’ll get to who Nana is holding soon; I just need to lay the foundation so you can receive the revelations that are sure to come from the lessons I am walking through and lovingly changed by.

Back to Single by Evinda Lepins

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One Response to “Nana Holds From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    This is so good and so lovingly said. It really brings us all close into the transition that has started to take place in the family unit. Awaiting tomorrow’s blog with much interest.