Nana Holds from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

We can only experience breakthroughs if we are actively staying in the moments! I’m so glad there is you to share these breakthroughs with. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So we left off with Dillan saying he couldn’t eat his second burrito and me assuring him it was okay but to take it home and eat it later so it wasn’t wasted. I actually did take a minute to explain the importance of not wasting food. He’s quite an intellectual almost-nine-year-old who is wonderful to engage with. It was just a few minutes after this conversation that he asked a question, totally unaware of its contradiction: “Dad, could me and Ty-Ty have a churro?”

Oooh, I couldn’t wait to see how daddy, my son, handled this one so I just shut my mouth and listened. Before I tell you what he said, I must share that more often than not, I get such joy watching my son parent his kids because he does such a great job, much better than I did when he was their age!

Anyway, I’m practically holding my breath waiting for his parental response: “No, son, you can’t have a churro. You just go through telling us you were full and couldn’t eat your second burrito.”

I don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next, but – well, actually I do, but I leaned on over to overriding my

My little Dillan

My little Dillan

son, and definitely not out of disrespect, and whispered in Dillan’s ear, “Nana thinks you can have a churro!” The smile spread to his eyes so fast and his mouth broke into that beautiful grin of his that reveals two of the most gorgeous dimples.

Jeff looked at me and then at Dillan as if to say, “What’s going on?” He didn’t have long to wait because DIllan, ever so proudly says, “Nana said I could have one.”

I don’t know who was more happily surprised, me or Jeff. I would pay to have gotten a picture of the utter and complete joyous surprise on Jeff’s face and I would pay double to have seen the joy on mine. Oh, how good it felt from the inside out to do a bit of spoiling as just plain ole’ Nana!

That may not seem like a big thing for any of you grandparents out there, but for me, it was huge, a monumental thing, the beginning of a turning point, the beginning of understanding of how to balance the spoiling and the grand-parenting, not only as Nana, but as Bryden’s nana/mama!

Be sure and join me tomorrow for our  Faith Filled Good Friday!

Love and laughter,


kim L


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