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Thanks for joining me for more of Nana Holds, especially considering how busy this time of year is with graduations, parties and Father’s Day. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to January of this year when there was still a battle going on in my heart and unbeknownst to me until this time, a fight occurring before my very eyes for my husband’s joy.

Talk about a struggle within a struggle! But as is often the case, it’s easier to recognize someone else’s flaws than it is to concentrate on your own, so as flesh would have it, I began to focus on my husband. The morning when I literally heard the heaviness of his steps, it dawned on me that while I was recognizing all that Christ was doing through this, and I was showing up and trying to shut up, George was being pulled in, ever so slowly and stealthily, like quicksand, to a pool of depression. I was helpless to help him and fighting with all my might not to jump in with him.

Oh how beautifully He colored our canvas with all the colors that represent Bryden. God used this little guy in so many ways to keep my honey from completely sinking, a bridge that kept us talking, if only about Bryden himself. I loved sharing moments and memories from his first few days at school, especially his first day.

I am so thankful that I have journaled this journey. I looked in my journal to see what I was thankful for the day after his first day of school and this is what I found: “Thank you, Father, for a smooth Monday, for the sweet memories that just squeezed my heart yesterday: Bryden walking up the stairs declaring, ‘This is my big-boy school’ so emphatically and confidently and happily. Oh, the way he just jumped right in and began playing with the other children brings tears to my eyes. I am so humbled by Your creating him to be so resilient, so quick to adapt to new things.

I can still see him marching proudly up the stairs, his backpack on his back and his lunch pail in his hand, ready for his

ready 4 big-boy school!

ready 4 big-boy school!

new world, eager to learn. His openly-displayed enthusiasm still wraps around my heart, warming it and bringing smiles that I can draw from for years to come. He loved school, loved learning, playing and engaging and oftentimes I could hear him on the playground when I returned to pick him up. God has definitely created him as an extrovert, something that is still able to rise to the surface of his little personality, despite all he’s been through. Love has been and continues to be poured into him that he may become all that he was created to be.

Whenever I replayed moments like this to George, we were able to rejoice together, no longer blinded by our own emotional pain, if only momentarily.

Join me tomorrow for more of Nana Holds.

Writing from my heart to y ours,


Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


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