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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

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Thanks so much for joining me today for a little break at Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power, and more of this series that I hope and pray will someday be a book to encourage other parents having to parent their children’s children. Grab your coffee and come on in.

I was enjoying the routine of getting Bryden off to school and picking him up. It was truly getting easier and easier to put his needs ahead of mine; to get better at trying to enter into his world instead of making him fit into mine.

Wow, I just looked in my journal again, almost mid January. I had read one of my devotionals that asked the question: “What part did Jesus play in your childhood?”

I am stunned by what I wrote, the vivid memories of the one thing I was confident in during those years of being in a foster home after being taken away from my mom and my step-dad: Christ in me!

Wow, the more I look back as I move forward, the better I see His hand holding me and the brush that has painted the canvas of my life. I even wrote that the only part I’d like to return to is the childlike faith that acknowledged Him as my constant companion! How ironic that I couldn’t see then what I see now: How much little Bryden and I have in common. But even more importantly than that, I am awestruck at the reality of George and I getting to instill the reality and necessity of the love of Jesus into little Bryden, of walking with him, loving him in all our ways.

By mid January, we were talking about his third birthday which happened to fall on the ministry’s next event, February 23rd. We both agreed we didn’t want a huge party, but a more intimate family celebration with us, his papa and grandma, his “tauntie,” (Auntie), his uncle Jeff, Aunt Lauren and of course his cousins Diwan (Dillan) and Ty-Ty, too.

Bryden and Leap Frog!

Bryden and Leap Frog!

We didn’t need to wonder what he wanted for his birthday because he just picked up from where Christmas left off and every time he saw a toy advertised on T.V., his innocent request, “Can I have that for my birthday,” would have us both smiling from the inside out.

Bedtime was truly becoming a special time that I know will engrave something positive on and in his little heart that someday when he is older he will flash back on. I played airplane with him by picking him up and heaving him while he counted as high as he could correctly without saying a number out of order. Talk about a workout! And then he’d say, “Blastoff!” and I’d throw him onto his bed.

George would usually hold his breath until he landed safely and then he’d join in our giggling.

And then Bryden would say, “Again,” so we would do it one more time. And then he’d plop down on the bed and one by one, we would take all of his favorite blankets – at least three, but usually four or five – and cover him all up. But then he’d remember another one of his friends that he had to have “sweep” with him so he’d burst up and announce that he needed his dinosaur, or his bear, or whoever and whatever.

That could go on ad infinitum if we let it, but we would lovingly draw the line, and then begin our prayers. Then I’d lean down and kiss him good-night and George would do the same. And as I walked away, I would turn around and blow him a kiss. “I got it,” he would say, and I’d catch the one he blew me before I made it out his bedroom door.

Join me Monday for more Nana Holds moments.


Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


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