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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chickilt Power and thanks for joining me today for a little break and more of Nana Holds. Grab your coffee and come on in.

Have you ever looked back upon a season in your life and wondered, how in the world did I get through that? Well, we are in the midst of one of those seasons at this point of this true-to-life story. I don’t think I realized then what I do now: That He had me, once again, on the operating table for open-heart surgery, spiritually speaking that is, and He would cut something away that needed to go, then let me back up, albeit briefly, and then back on the table I would go.

The brief recesses from this cutting-away process provided breakthroughs, powerful enough to keep me going, illuminating enough to desire to stay. And in the backdrop of life, there are many other things that are pulling on me, tugging on my emotions and wreaking havoc on/in my body. For example, by this time, I was five weeks into a horrible sinus infection and my doctor prescribed steroids for me! Talk about an out-of-body experience!

Did the doctor really realize what he was doing, elevating menopause to a whole new level? The urge to pick up the broom and fly at speeds that would make anyone anywhere close become so dizzy was greater than my need to eat! 🙂  And yet, He granted me self-control and I was soaring via a different vehicle from the victories I was winning daily by not allowing my tongue to roam free! Oh, the things He uses to answer our prayers to be more Christ-like!

Look, Nana; I'm big and strong!

Look, Nana; I’m big and strong!

Another circumstance in the backdrop of life is the unfortunate loss of CPM’s assistant. I was finding it more and more difficult to do it all and at times I experienced such strong waves of discouragement, wondering if I was really in His will and why the journey of ministry seemed to be more uphill than down. It wasn’t that I doubted Him for a minute, but the surge of self-doubt was enough to send me surfing!

George was openly admitting he didn’t want to do what he was doing work-wise anymore; he needed a change. This was adding to the tension in our marriage, though we weren’t quite equipped to acknowledge it and talk about it.

Those were just a few of the circumstances coming at me from all sides. I share this not to lift myself up but in hopes that you will recognize the One who carries us to and through each and every circumstance if we let Him. There is absolutely no other explanation for coming out on the other side but for/by His grace!

And what do I see as I look back now? God, the Author/Artist in our lives, was using little Bryden as the glue to keep us together in the covenant of marriage; that He had much to teach us about ourselves through the gift of this little boy.

Join me tomorrow for Wednesday’s Word and Thursday for more of Nana Holds.


Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!

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