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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to join me for a little break and more of Nana Holds. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to the event. I’m bending down, looking right at Bryden at the entryway to the church and wondering how he will respond, if he will even come straight to me, or run right to his grandma. These are some of the thoughts and questions swimming in my head as I stood before a crowd of 180 people!

I didn’t have long to wait because as I bent down just a bit and called him, “Bryyyyyyy-den,” his little head turned toward the sound of my voice and he busted out running down the aisle with such childlike joy and enthusiasm, straight into my arms!

As you can imagine, the crowd fell in love with him! Now please don’t think I’m exploiting this little boy in any way, shape or form; you will understand why I brought him up and introduced him to all of our guests of CPM as you continue to read this series. But suffice it to say, God had been showing me that He was teaching me more about relationships than I’d ever know was possible to learn through one little three-year-old boy.

I remember the beaming smile on my face, feeling it from the inside out as I introduced him. This is what I said: “This is Bryden, our grandson, and I can’t help but marvel at this truth; that as a child I was wounded, and He’s using this child to bring me healing, healing in an area I had no idea needed healing.”

You could have heard a pin drop!

Then I turned my attention to my hubby while holding Bryden in my arms. “This is George, my husband, my best friend. I’ve been wounded by many men in my life, but how like God to use this man to bring me significant healing in many areas, especially in relationships”!

Again, a loud quietness permeated throughout the sanctuary.

“So today is Bryden’s third b-day and George and I would love for you to join us in singing happy birthday to him.”

Oh, I know someone captured via a camera and I hope to get the picture some day but it is forever engraved upon my heart, his pure unmistakable joy, and if you have never experienced joy splashed on you from a child, well, you are really missing something and I had no idea I had been until Bryden.

After the birthday song, George took him back to the nursery. I hesitated for a moment, and then I made a confession that left me quite vulnerable, but open for Him to speak through me. I shared that I was a mess of sorts, because usually I’m walking in victory in the subject I’m sharing about, “But not today.”

Another pregnant silence!

I bowed my head and prayed, asking Him to join us, speak through me right to their hearts. I think it’s imperative that I share with you what I shared at this workshop, because it was/is sort of a verbal painting of what was transpiring in me, transforming me from the inside out.

See, when He gave me the title to the event, I thought I knew what revival meant; that is until I looked it up, just to make sure, in my concordance. Well, “revival’ isn’t in the Bible! I thought for sure it would be in the N.T., somewhere in the book of Acts, but it wasn’t. Only the word “revived” is in the N.T. in the book of Romans, and only twice. Otherwise, revive, reviving and revived are all in the O.T. and the Hebrew definitions are: preservation, protection, sustenance! What relationship doesn’t need either one of those?

As I look at what I’ve just shared with you, the face I see staring back at me is that of sweet Bryden, a little boy who needs preservation, protection and sustenance. And just behind him, a bit above him another face appears…. Mine!

By any chance, do you see yours staring back at you?

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Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


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