Nana Holds from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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It’s a beautiful day! Thanks for taking time out of yours to come visit with me and share more of this life-changing series, Nana Holds. Grab your coffee and come on in.

If it seems as though I’m stuck on our event, it’s because we need to stay here for a while. Why? Because this is the meat of the entire series, Nana Holds: relationships, how to thrive, not strive, in them. So, please, hang with me; I’m certain there will be something you can take from each coffee hour.

With the revelations flying at me almost faster than I could process, I was able to stand before all those who attended this event and confess that God has gone through great lengths to get me to see that I am still infected with this relationship infection and I am humbled at what He’s done to deliver the diagnosis of this infection.feb 23rd flyer

The Word reminds us that He uses ALL things, and I couldn’t help but find the symbolism of my sinus infection, my need for a physician, and my relationship infection and my need for His antibiotics, but first He had to reveal the diagnosis via the symptoms. So what I’d like to do with you today is share a series of statements that we will either agree or disagree with. Consider this the blood test for this relationship infection that I keep referring to, a way to determine if you are infected, and if so, how deeply. Remember, these are relationship-oriented statements, many of them based on being in relationship with someone with an addiction [addiction of any kind, i.e., food, control-not just drugs and/or alcohol], but as you will discover, they really are relevant in all relationships, friendships, etcetera.

There are actually eight categories, so we may not get through all of them today but for sure in our next coffee hour with Nana Holds.

As I share each of the statements, I’ll share what my answer was at the time of this event, and in my journey with little Bryden, and what is now; my hope and prayer is that my transparency will inspire you to freedom in voicing your responses. Don’t over-think them; just go with your initial gut response.

The first category is fear, aka, false expectations appearing real. “Do you become preoccupied with the problems of others [especially those of the addict]? My answer was actually leaning more towards no but I wasn’t quite there yet! I know that doesn’t make much sense, but at this point, I was learning the balance in ministry and truly searching my heart for doing what I now know I’ve been called to do. Today, that answer is an emphatic “no”!

The next statement: “Do you try to keep things ‘under control’ or ‘keep a handle’ on situations?”

My answer on that day was a definite no! I’ve come to learn that “control” is a delusion and since I’ve become a pretty transparent person, I would be kidding myself if I thought I was in control. I’ve learned that nothing knocks HIM off His throne and I’ve come to trust His promises, especially Romans 8:28!

The next one is “Do you take more than your fair share of responsibility for tasks that have to be done?” My answer at that time was yes. If you answered yes to this could it be that it’s just easier, in your mind, to do it yourself so you know that it’s done, and done the way you like it?

I could spend a long, long time on this one, especially as it relates to marriage. Suffice it to say that by and through His grace, I’ve learned to delegate, in ministry, in marriage and in the guardianship of this amazing little boy. In that learning process, my faith is stronger and my trust in Him has increased as I accept that mistakes will happen but His grace will cover them!

Join me Thursday for more discoveries of symptoms of the relationship infection, all because Nana Holds!



Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


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One Response to “Nana Holds from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Ya know what you have written is like having to look into a mirror and really see the blemishes that still exist on and in us. Working on the cure with Dr. Jesus, I am.