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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to give yourself a little break and join me for more of Nana Holds. Grab your coffee and let’s go down that river of “Denial”!

That is the next category of this relationship infection, aka, co-dependency. There are only three symptoms but each one runs deep and may require you to rewind the movie of your life!

“Do you feel yourself denying the basic problems in your family?” Oh, how I swam up this river in my son’s adolescence and I’m so grateful to be in His boat of grace floating down the river of Live instead of Denial. My answer was and is no. In fact, at times, I can be somewhat hypersensitive about “basic problems” in our family and I have to pull the reins in on my emotions so I don’t get ahead of God, or think I’m going to go ahead of Him.

I can hear you asking, “Well, what are the ‘basic’ problems in a family?” I’m so glad you asked. I feel like the host of “Family Feud.”:) Survey says – oops, before we get to what the survey says, we need to identify what kind of family. See, there’s a two-parent family, a single-parent family with the other active in child’s or children’s lives, and then there’s the single-parent without any sort of co-parent. Then there are adoptive families and step-parent families. Believe it or not, the top basic family problems are not family-specific; they are all universal! Now, survey says: Co-dependence – see, this is a real problem! — Communication problems – this leads to poor conflict resolution — domestic violence, anger, addiction, divorce, illness, in-law challenges, infidelity, financial difficulties or excesses – hmm, excess is interesting, but think about it: money solves but also starts problems! Then there’s the inability to forgive; and finally, sexual abuse.

Wow, and that is not an exhaustive list and I don’t believe they are in the correct order. These are the “basic” family problems that are knocking on our doors and entering our homes at a pace faster than I’ve ever been able to run. They are real problems and they have real solutions!

Join me Monday for another category of symptoms in this relationship infection. Remember, we can’t treat a symptom if we are unaware!



Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


P.S. Tomorrow is already the 1st of the month, so it’s WOW time again!


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