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As Bryden became a little more comfortable with his new home, he began to wake up earlier, another challenge for me! See, I’d been used to just me and Abba in the mornings. George leaves for work even before the roosters think of getting up and so I’ve had the mornings to myself 99% of the time. Besides, I’ve always said, ain’t nobody wants to talk with me until after I’ve had my quiet time!

So the first time I heard the bedroom door open and his sweet little voice saying, “Nana, I’m up,” and my quiet time had just begun, I secretly hoped it was just a one-time thing. I let out a big sigh and a short silent prayer and bent down to pick up this little boy with outstretched hands who was trying to let me know with everything he had that he was hungry and wanted to eat. He wasn’t crying or anything; it’s just that it took me days before I understood that he was trying to say the word cereal! 🙂 What was my first clue? When he kept saying, “Eat. Eat,” and then had the audacity to get frustrated with me! LOL!! 🙂

Eat… sear-we-al!

And while I was definitely frustrated and deemed it an interruption to my quiet time, I was mindful that this was something that He had allowed and I had better get used to it. Besides, it’s not like he set his little almost-two-year-old mind to wake up and destroy my quiet time. I knew I was going to have to rethink things, come up with a new plan and after several – I told you I’m hard-headed – mornings of interruptions due to our new little early riser, I realized I was going to have to start getting up earlier so as not to suffer through interruptions and start my days off with a bad attitude. I’m as stubborn as the next gal, so I decided the only way to beat him at his game was to get up before him!

Not a big deal, I boasted. But it actually was. See, there’s one big difference – drum roll please – I’m not as young as I used to be and looking after a toddler takes a lot of energy! And I’m not just speaking of physical energy, either.

Hmm, it’s always been said by many that I’m energetic, some have even called me hyper – I don’t like that word; it’s soooo negative, huh? But could it be He created me like that for such a time as this? I’m thinking He really does use ALL things . . .

Join me tomorrow for more . . .

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P.S. Can you say a little prayer for us today? We actually go before the judge for temporary guardianship for little Bryden! That’s a little sneak peek into more of the true story of Nana Holds!

Also don’t forget to join us today for our Blog Talk Radio segment entitled: Co-dependency no more, what it is and what it isn’t at 1:00 Pacific time.


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One Response to “Nana Holds-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Prayed for you all today. God is so far ahead of us in our life, and we have no idea while we have certain tendencies within us. What we may find annoying about ourselves is the very thing He has plans to use positively. Amazing our God.