Nana Holds-From Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thank you for coming by for a little break at Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power! Grab your coffee and let’s get back to the guardianship hearing. We are before Her Honor and just about to conclude!

After Her Honor matter-of-factly stated she couldn’t order Bryden’s mother to a court-appointed specialist, she suggested that we go to another department to begin that process. My heart sank to the floor but I knew what she was saying was true. She was the judge for guardianship matters, not child protection services. My mind was racing ahead thinking of that mountain to climb, trying to hang on to the positivity of having gotten all this paperwork done and paid for. I was off in my own world for a moment and then she looked directly at George and me and added a “however”: If you feel it’s not in the child’s best interest to be around the mother unsupervised, then you don’t let the child be with the mother unsupervised. Her look became unwavering as if to drive her words deeper: You as the guardians do everything for this child as a mother and father would.

She then repeated the agreement between bio mom’s parents and us, that is one overnight visit per month to be worked out between the parties, and then repeated how important it was going to be for this child to have a lot of family in his life.

I did agree with her to a point and would even agree with her wholeheartedly if we were dealing with emotionally stable

wearing Nana's glasses!

wearing Nana’s glasses!

family, but our history with them has revealed something completely different. As the judge repeated the agreement in its entirety, I felt a sense of relief because at least now there was a boundary drawn, an understanding that we didn’t have to let them take Bryden every other week, which is what we had been doing up until this point, and that was definitely going to go a long way in bringing some stability and structure into this amazing little boy’s life. Our hands were no longer tied and the word “No” was now added to our visitation vocabulary!

Once the judge read the agreement and order she looked at George and me again: “I want to thank you for stepping up in this child’s life.” Then she looked at all of us: “Thank you for working through all of this and keeping the child’s best interest in mind. I realize how difficult these situations can be and you’ve all done a good thing by working it out.”

The gavel came down and she stood. We all walked out of the courtroom and George and I walked out with something we didn’t have until that very moment: Guardianship of Bryden! It was a birthday I know my husband will never forget, a gift that could match no other and while that gift came with a huge responsibility, there was definitely relief wrapped up in the reality of the responsibility.

Thanking Him for His ways . . .


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  1. Gay says:

    I just love a happy ending… far!!