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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Saying Goodbye

Oh, Coffee Hour friends, you’re going to love this one…grab your coffee, your Strand of Faith, and some tissue, especially if you’re a dog lover!

Last week was bittersweet.  I sent my oldest son back for another God-filled year at Liberty University.  We had a great (and super busy) summer.  My dogs got spoiled with all of the guests we had but especially having Josh home for three months; they always had someone home to be with them and Josh is like me: he treats the dogs like people.

I think we underestimate the power of the connection between man and dog.  They know us as individuals by sight, sound, smell and touch.  They can sense emotion, the tone of our voice and danger.  The bond is strong.

My son, Josh, had gotten his suitcases out a few days before his trip back and as soon as he did that, the dogs started acting differently.  Cory, the golden, got more attentive and clingy.  He spent every waking moment with Josh.  Logan, the husky, got more rambunctious.  At one point I though he was going to start taking his things out of the suitcase.

The day that Josh left was interesting.  He kneeled down and Corey, who had been pressed up against the front door, lumbered over and pressed into Josh.  He licked his face and said his goodbyes.  Logan, on the other hand, wouldn’t even look at him.  He knew part of his pack was leaving and didn’t want to deal with it.

This time of year is full of changes.  School is back in session; people move;, new jobs are starting and kids move away from the nest.  Change is bittersweet.  The sweetness is in knowing that the people in our life are fulfilling their calling and purpose.  The bitter is the sadness and empty space they leave behind.

I have been Logan, walking away and not wanting any part of the goodbye.  It hurt too much.  I want to be like Corey, pressing in and taking that last moment to savor the relationship, the bond.  Life is too short and God has called us to love one another….that means loving them through goodbyes and having true joy for their future.

When/if you have to say good-bye, think of the true joy for their future!

coreyJen, Corey and Logan.

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