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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. Today’s blog is about someone very special and dedicated to a very special family, so grab your coffee and come on in and let me share a little bit about this person and their incredible family.

Just last Friday I got the dreaded text from one of my best friends Kim, who happens to be CPM’s emcee as well. The text said, “He’s gone to be with the Lord.” She was talking about her dad. She’d been at his bedside for the past four days, fighting for his life in prayer harder than he could fight for himself, and there was Gum-Gum on the other side. You may remember some months ago me telling you about Gum-Gum in another blog. This is Kim’s mom, and everyone else’s she meets. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman with a bigger heart, but her daughter’s heart is nearly as big. 🙂

As soon as I got the text, I began to sob for their loss. It was as though I could feel it and I’m sure having gone through this last year with the loss of my own biological mom, that made it even more real for me. I also believe with all my heart that when you love and respect someone deeply, you feel their pain; you laugh when they laugh and you cry when they cry.

What a bittersweet time this is. On one side of the coin I am overwhelmingly sad for Kim and Gum-Gum’s loss and on the other side, I am rejoicing that his suffering is over, because believe me, I’ve had a few conversations with Abba where I’ve admitted that I just don’t get it, why He allowed her dad to suffer so much before taking him home.

I have come to terms with the fact that bad things happen to good people and I thank the author of Faith who whispers in my heart and reminds my mind that there are some things I just don’t get to understand but that doesn’t stop Him from turning this painful time into something beautiful in the future. I know that He can and that He will because He says He will. My sweet friend and Gum-Gum too are already talking about the service being a salvation service, which her dad is rejoicing over in Heaven.

Richard, aka, Kim’s dad, or Poppy as her kids call him, was a man of many thoughts, thoughts that he turned into poetry. He was a strong man with a gentle soul, a hard worker, a fierce protector and provider, a man of honor, a man honored. I’d like to honor him with a few lines of poetry inspired by the Father of all fathers . . .

Thank you, Father, for Richard’s life that touched so many of us down here,

whose kind words and deeds and gentleness would chase away all fear.

I don’t know that he realized the different legacies that he would leave behind,

For example, the gift of his poetry that came from his heart and not just his mind

Much of his poetry is captured on paper and is hanging in frames on the wall,

But truly his poetry was a reflection of his heart, the biggest gift of all.

I look into the faces of his grandchildren and can see traces of his gentleness

I know we’re all thankful for that, though it doesn’t make us miss him less.

His strength, wisdom and gentleness will live on in his family

And the way that he loved is so much more than just a memory

Simply said, Richard lived life like that of a beautiful poem

Steadfast in his faith, true to his convictions till the day that he went home

Our loss is heaven’s gain and yet we know we’ll see him again,

So let it soothe your soul to know there’s poetry up in heaven.

Love you so much, Gum-Gum, Kim and family . . .



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