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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Wow, May’s halfway gone already! Did someone put us in a time capsule and fast-forward this month – or this year? Grab your coffee and come on in for our Power Friday. Hurry, before the day’s gone!

I was in the midst of talking with Abba, praying for someone, someone who at the very mention of their name causes me to shake my head in sadness, frustration and a bit of angst, and this happens even when I’m praying for them! Ugh, heavy sigh!

Anyway, God tells us in His Love Letters that if we don’t know what to pray, that His Spirit will intercede and tell us what to pray, how to pray and whom to pray for. I heard the word integrity, and so I began to pray for integrity for this person then all of a sudden, I heard this quiet-like whisper in the farthest corridors of my heart and I know He was trying to tell me something. . .

You can’t be honest about what you don’t know!

Ah, so some necessary truths have not been unveiled to her… yet! “So, Lord, will you help her to see, hear, to know (experience) truth as it relates to her and her interaction with others?” I will continue to pray . . .

When someone has you feeling a sense of angry/sad exasperation, remember this truth which will enable you to continue to pray for them!

Grabbing on to His truths,

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