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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…=

Happy Friday to you …. and thanks for taking a little break with me. Fall is on the calendar, but not quite here, yet, but I’m hoping it’s around the corner! Grab your coffee and come inside for just a few.

I actually would like to ask you a thought-provoking question, at least I hope it stirs your mind to think. I found it in my curriculum as I was preparing for our Transform Trench Class. It’s about the subject of fear, you know, a false expectation appearing real. Last week, I gave you a fear factor test, and shared the seven things we fear — here’s a refresher because you’ll need to have these in mind as you think about the question I’m going to ask you. We fear:

1. Not being good enough

2. Being different.

3. Commitment.

4. Change/discomfort.

5. Facing inner truths/our inadequacies.

6. Not being loved in return, and …

7. We fear being alone.

With those things in mind … can fear become an idol? Oh, that we would feed our faith and not our fears!

Would love to hear your thoughts …

Before I sign off, I’d like to send a very happy birthday wish to someone very special in my heart: Janine Peace … I’m so proud of the Christ-centered woman you are becoming. I pray that the memories you make today will make u smile from the inside out for all your tomorrows. I love you!


kim L


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