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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Happy Friday to you and thanks so much for stopping by for our power thought/coffee hour! Grab your coffee and come on in. Incidentally, can you make that iced coffee? It’s already heating up for the summer!

So life is happening on life’s terms, all around you, and all around me and we don’t even get to have a say in much of what happens! The more He shows me, the better I see, but I’m learning that just because I’ve come to where I am in my journey, emotionally, physically and spiritually, does not mean that I should forget where I started!

What I mean is remembering where I started prevents me from picking up that gavel and slamming it down upon someone else’s emotions declaring them guilty and screwed up! But oh, how I’d like to sometimes. I am constantly fighting that urge to not help God in rubbing their noses in their stuff, just so they can experience how bad it smells! But instead, I’ll hop up on my broom, or off and down to my knees asking Him to help me, one day at a time deal with what life is handing me.

So this week’s mini download has everything to do with what I am currently going through and I pray that you would be encouraged by it as He encourages me to press on, let go and let Him:

It’s down on my knees that I gain a higher ground!

With sore knees . . .

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