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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks for joining me for another Power Friday @ Chicklit Power. Grab your coffee and come with me to some Holy Spirit inspired words that have proven true for me over and over again.

So this past week, I’ve shared with you the painful thirty-day trial I experienced. Part of me wishes it didn’t happen, and yet as I look back on it, I know that I know that I know that what kept me on the stand, refusing to get off and/or down was the knowledge that He would use it for His glory and my good. And He has, friend; He truly has. That’s why I can say these words with certainty.

Joy is not a denial of painful circumstances but a certainty while in them of what He will work from them!

Are you in the midst of painful circumstances? I’d love to sit down with you over coffee, but at the very least, maybe you could email me and we could chat in cyber space. I’d love to be an instrument in convincing you of this powerful truth!

Certain of His love in our life,


kim L



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2 Responses to “Power Fridays from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Inger says:

    When my brother was trying to ruin himself and leave this world through bed sores, I found out this truth at a level I never expected. He has Spina Bifida, so he couldn’t feel the pain, but he had defined love when everyone stopped to help him. His whole life he had been rescued from death since birth with no one asking him if he wanted to be to rescued.

    During this time, God called me to step away from brother to have time with him. It was the hardest few months I had ever experienced. Our family had spent our whole life ‘rescuing’ him from himself. I told my brother that I was his sister and I had broken out in shingles because he smelled like death yet pretended like nothing was wrong. I love you and I hurt every time I come over and I needed to step away and let him work through this and protect my heart. I didn’t want him to do this but I did not have the power to make that choice for him.

    I had called agencies and anyone else and no one would step in because he was making this choice on his own. It was a very trying time. I prayed from the heart that my brother would be healed and had such a narrow idea of what that would look like. In the midst of all this, God gave me a glimpse that he was doing a healing much more deeper than skin deep. It was more like the man that was brought through the roof before Jesus. My brother ended up on an 18 month journey from the day he wheeled himself to the hospital and asked for help for himself. It was a painful journey, but boy did I have joy when I understood just what God was doing with all of this. Thankfully my brother decided to learn from the journey and not lock down or become more hateful and depressed.

    To this day, my brother speaks of his quality of life and has sustained for years because Popps was doing something greater with the journey through pain and consequences of choices. He also takes much better care of himself and I am now his sister, not a guardian. I love that gift most of all. I am his sister.

    Kinda needed a reminder of this.


  2. Jan Bachelor says:

    What a lovely testimony Inger. The blessings that come out of what looks like a bottomless pit of hopelessness is all because of our Great God of mercy, grace, and miracles. I have seen that darkness, and would never have believed that the absence of light would be the reason He reached to me and held out that loving hand of light that made my life so blessed. Thank you Jesus for all you have given and continue to give to me everyday of my life!