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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

TEL pen Logo with hearthanks for joining us for Power Friday! For those of you who have been joining us for coffee hour for a while, then you may be wondering, where is Jeff’s Java Hour? Well, honestly, I think he pulled an Evinda and had a total brain fart, so we’ll just have to give him some grace. 🙂 He did start his new job and when I talked with him a couple of days ago, he told me he loved his job. My heart soars every time I do get to talk with him and I hear of this adventure or that adventure, of which every day has become. They seem to be thriving in Austin. Oh, and I did remind him about the blog, but … Anyway, so grab your coffee and come on in for this power thought that He gave me in the midst of writing our Transform curriculum.

We have just returned to the trenches, last night as a matter of fact. Transform II is now underway and we are in the process of uprooting the root of fear. Did you know there are seven things we fear? Here is a fear checklist to see how you fare … in fear!

1. We fear being different.

2. We fear not being good enough.

3. We fear commitment.

4. We fear change and/or discomfort.

5. We fear inner truths and/or our inadequacies.

6. We fear not being loved in return.

7. We fear being alone.

So how did you do? Here’s the crazy thing about all these fears and this is our power thought for today.

Undetected fears are like robbers; they steal from our present and rob us in our future and are almost always rooted in our past!

Oh, help us, Father, to feed our faith and not our fears!
Have an amazing fearless weekend.

kim L


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